Monday, March 25, 2013

 Sweet Innocent Sister From Orem

Dear family and friends,
I got your package!  Thanks Ladd for the peanut butter bars and mom for the bread and spandex!  We pick up our mail for the week later on in the day and as I was walking out I noticed the box and I thought, that has to be for me because no one else would use a box that was for those running shoes.
So I've been thinking about Ladd and Karli a lot because it was their birthdays this month, but I still haven't written, so in case it doesn't come this week, I hope you two had a great birthday!
So this week we did actual tracting!  We have town homes in our ward and a lot of non-members so we decided to knock doors there.  So far we haven't seen anything, but there are two little kids from a less active family there that want to be baptized.  But their parents work so it's really hard to get in contact with them.  We also taught Ted this week and boy was he fun.  He does believe in God, but he says he doesn't have a desire for religion right now.  He wants us to keep coming over and he wants this for his kids, but not for him.  Since we're struggling to find people to teach right now, all our efforts are on him this week.  We're going to try and find out why he wants us to keep coming over and try to dig deeper.  We love the family though and his wife would be very active if he was.
We also did a lot of less active lesson this week!  I think I was called to this area so that I would learn exactly what not to marry into.  A lot of times, one of them is really active and then the other one brings them down.  A lot of the people we work with served missions and then just got busy.  We even talked to some old temple workers the other day.  Tragedies and jobs should make us want to come to church even more!  It's just sad to see that they lose their testimonies when they stop coming to church.  So go to church every week people.
This sunday I spoke in one of the wards on the atonement and how we can use it to overcome pain and loss.  I think I spoke for about 10 minutes and left Sister Hodgson 20 to speak.  She only spoke for about 15 so sacrament meeting ended early.  I think now they know to always put in an intermediate hymn when they ask the sisters to speak.
Last monday we played mafia, or actually werewolves, with our entire zone.  Elder Simon (the aussie) and I won as werewolves.  I think the zone learned very quickly not to trust the sweet innocent sister from Orem.  But it was a blast and although I didn't have time to take a nap, it was good to just relax a bit and be kids again.  Today we had zone workout so that we can be more unified as a zone or whatever.  This mission's weird.  I never expected to do this much as a zone or district.  But it's been a nice stress reliever and I definitely need those district lunches come friday.
Anyway, this week is going to be great.  We have a lot of potentials lined up and they will all be new investigators!  We're pretty excited!  I just want people to realize that we're out here on a mission not to annoy them, but to help them be happy, have faith, repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the holy ghost and endure to the end.  It's the only way to live with your family for ever!
Funny story!  We contacted a family this week and we were talking to the 17 year old son.  We asked if his parents were home and he said they were busy.  Just then, his dad comes up the the door and starts yelling at us saying that they weren't interested and they wanted to be off the person in charge's list (as if we were salespeople or something).  So we left just as the boy's friend came up to the house.  That sunday we saw the boy at church.  And then he came to stake mission prep.  Turns out he's going on a mission!  What?  I really want to keep seeing this boy and giving him encouragement to testify to his dad and get his brother baptized and into this church.
Got to go.  Love you
Hermana Borup
This week we also had dinner in a funeral home and the next night we had dinner with a lady that's a prison educator.  Interesting dinner appointments for sure.

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