Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transfer From MTC
Hello family and friends,
I don't have very long this week because we are trying to make it to dinner on time.  We've had so much to get done today with the temple, and running, and packing, and getting things set up to leave tomorrow, and laundry.  It's been a busy busy day.  So sorry this is coming a bit late.
For those who haven't heard yet, I've been reassigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission.  I know what yall are thinking... That Stinks!  But I'm actually really excited about it.  Yes I was surprised at first but I'm going with Hermana Leavitt and with an elder in my district that was also called to Rosario.  And guess what, the Elder is from West Jordan.  Yes, he's going to the mission that he lives in.  Weird right?  After I heard that I didn't feel bad.  There's a reason we're all going there and I'm so excited to get out and teach!  And I've only been in the MTC for 9 days!  That has to be some sort of record.  9 days for a non-native spanish speaker going spanish speaking?  I feel blessed but way overwhelmed.
So this week started off really badly.  Hermana Leavitt and I taught Jean (our teacher, brother Johnson) on monday morning and we came out thinking it went alright.  But then the other Hermanas in the group taught him and came out telling us all sorts of things that made us feel super bad.  But the day got better when we taught out TRC investigator, Hely.  And then that night we had class with Brother Andersen and he wanted Hermana Leavitt and I to practice starting a lesson out with him.  So we went into another room and practiced and it went wonderfully well and then he added at the end that sometimes we may think we didn't teach very well, but if we felt the spirit, the investigator will understand and continue to progress.  And I started bawling.  I don't even know why and it was super embarrassing.  And then we told him about our experience with Jean and he just starting teaching us and lifting our spirits and told us stories from his mission.  I don't know how long we were in that room but when we came out I felt like a new missionary.  Since then, I haven't compared my progress with the other missionaries and I feel so much better.  I've seen my own progress and that's been enough for me this week.  Our teachers really are the best.  I'm sad to leave them.  Last night we had our last lesson with Brother Andersen and during our closing prayer he prayed for Hermana Leavitt, Elder Lopez, and I individually and thanked heavenly father for our strengths.  That man sure can make me cry.  I'll send pictures that we took on my next p-day. 
Tuesday night devotional was amazing and so was the movie we saw sunday night, The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar.  I wish I could stay here to learn more and to hear more devotionals!  But again, I'm excited to teach real investigators and change their lives for the better.
Yesterday we had in field orientation all day long.  I learned a lot but it sure was boring.  We practiced street contacting and getting refferals and helping members.  And we watched a cheesy play at the end.  I feel bad saying this, but it definitely wasn't my favorite day.
Can you believe I'm leaving tomorrow?  I sure can't!  I'm taking the train up there too and I'm the travel leader of our little group.  There's an elder from the other district in our zone that's going up wednesday, but that's his permanent mission so that's why he has to wait.  The rest of us are visa waiters.  Mom, it was good talking to you.  Thanks for all the support I've received!  I love every letter and every package.  And my district also loves every package haha.  I don't think dearelder is free for salt lake but please don't let that stop you from sending me letters!  It will soon be free again when I get to Argentina!  And I have high hopes that I'll be there soon.  After all, Santa Fe's waiting for me and it won't forget me and it will let me come and stay.  Yes, that song's still stuck in my head. 
Funny moment of the week, an elder in our district named Elder Carillo thought he lost the key to his room.  He couldn't find it in the classroom or in his room and we don't go anywhere else so he was really worried.  And then it came time for gym time and while he was working out he told his companions he had to get a rock out of his shoe.  He found his key!  Ok so it doesn't seem that funny now, but it was.  And there's been a lot of funny stories since.  Oh well, maybe I'll have a real funny one later.
Love you all!  And dad, please update my salt lake address under the tab at the top called "contacting me".  I REALLY want letters because they help me get through the day. 
Hermana Borup

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