Saturday, March 9, 2013

First and Only Letter From MTC

Dear Family,
     The newbies came today and they are adorable.  But I hope I didn't look like that last week.  I probably did, but no se importa.
     Spanish is coming along great and I'm learning a lot.  Really, I love it here.  I never thought I would, but I love my teachers, I love my district, I love the investigators we have and I love my companion.  I'm a very happy camper. 
     I found out yesterday that I will probably be reassigned tomorrow.  But if the Argentina consulate guy doesn't come this week, then I'm staying an exra week.  That would be hard.  Again, I love it here, but I'm excited to leave and teach.
     I'll write more on Friday, but I wanted to ask you for a few things before then so you have time to get it to me.  I don't need more treats, I'd love them, but I'm getting fat.  My district loves them though. Especially the elders.  So on second hand, you can send more if you want.  But I do get juice at every meal and I love it!  Don't worry, I run every day so I still feel healthy.  Oh, and I did see Schuyler Tuesday night and he left this morning.  He looks just oh so happy.  Well, I want to write Whitney back so I got to go! Love you!
Un abrazo desde el CCM,
Hermana Borup

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