Monday, May 19, 2014

Car ride with a 70!

Dear family and friends,
Well again, I have no time to write, I don´t know how that always happens.  So the highlights of this week...
We contacted a ton.  And we found some good people that we have appointments with this week! 
I went on divisions with the capacitadoras.  I got to be with Hermana Boren but instead of getting to go back to ParanĂ¡ and see all the people I love, I had to stay here.  But it was fun to be Borup and Boren.  And the division was actually a lot of fun.  Somehow no one showed up to our english class though.  I´m still confused how that happened!
We also had stake conference this weekend and we had to go to the adult session saturday night!  I loved it.  Elder Chappe from Uruguay was there and he´s just a good speaker. And then sunday after the conference, we said goodbye to President and Hermana Giuliani.  Really sad actually.  But I´ll see them in Provo when I get home so it´s not goodbye forever. 
Hermana Carlotta, the stake president´s wife that´s our best friend, wanted to take us home but there was a problem, they had to first take the 70 to the airport.  So we got to go!  The zone leaders gave us permission.  And we got like 30 minutes extra with Elder Chappe.  Probably an experience that I´ll never have again.  I love the mission!
Oh and we had interviews with President.  It went well.  We talked about the Argentine panaderia in Orem.  Apparently there´s two!  He´s a little ready to end but he´s working hard until the end.  
Love you all!
Hermana Borup

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We´re getting animated

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this ward is a little bit dead, but we´re getting them excited again to do missionary work.  This week we focused on meeting all the existing investigators and all the members.  We started off with correlation with our 18 year old ward mission leader.  He´s super negative about everything.  Said that our investigators that want to be baptized only say that because they like us.  Thanks buddy.  But then we talked to him more and realized that he´s working on his conversion so that´s why he says these things.  
So after talking about some changes we can do we decided on a book of mormon challenge for the ward.  Start today and finish before the end of the year.  We then talked to all the families about it and they´re all on board!  I felt like dad.  But I´m excited we made a calendar and everything.  I know this will unify the ward and help their testimonies grow because this book has power.  Number one thing, they have to stop getting offended.
Something else we tried this week was english class.  I´ve tried this in every one of my areas and it´s never worked.  This week we had our first class and 10 people came and an investigator.  Sweet.  And the word´s spreading and more people told us that they´re coming this week.  I´m super excited.  
Other than that we´ve just been teaching and finding.  We had a noche de hogar last night with an inactive family and then afterwards the stake president went over there to talk to them (we´re buddies, we´re skyping at his house) .  Then the stake president came to our house and told us that when the 70 comes for stake conference this month, they´re going to visit this family.  Sweet!  I love the stake president and his wife and his whole family.  You´ll meet them next week.  They´re so funny!!!
Well that´s all!  Have a great week!
Hermana Borup
The picture with the dog is Jonathan and Andrea.  I miss them!