Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hello family and friends,
Man it's an exciting time to be a missionary in the Salt Lake City South mission!  Everyone here in Riverton loves that I'm younger and they really just want to help and talk about the new missionary ages.  I think they're all curious to see how good of a missionary I'll be because I'm younger.  But I found out this week that I'm still older than most of the Elders in my district and I'm a girl so I'm obviously more mature, so I really don't think the missionary ages will change the work.
This week we did a lot of contacting the referrals we got from the leadership.  And boy was it hard.  People can be awfully mean when they're contacted several times a month and they don't want to be.  But we did get a lot of lessons set up for this next week and I'm pretty excited.  One is with a man that claims to be atheist and the other is with a family that has a religion with no name, and meets in homes like Jesus did.  I was confused because in the bible Jesus met on hills and in the temple and in the streets.  Not sure what he was talking about, but our lesson will be interesting with him.
We only taught two main lessons this week.  Definitely need improvement.  One was with a less active family.  We were focusing on the twins that are 11 but we really wanted to get the parents involved.  We have another lesson with them this week and hopefully we'll see them at church on sunday.  The other lesson was on tuesday with a part member family.  The dad is inactive and the two kids are adorable.  The mom was excommunicated when she was 16, but we've been working with the bishop and he wants to see her back in the church.  I love them and they are the P's.  The girl, she's 5, and she right at the start told us that her mom smokes and drinks coffee.  Haha no secrets in this house.  It reminded me of teaching the primary kids and how they just say whatever with no reservations.
Well I got to know my district a little more this week.  We see them a lot what with district workout, weekly planning, and district meeting.  On friday, after weekly planning, we had district lunch and it was uncomfortable.  I'm going to be frank here... I can see that me being 20 is very different for the elders.  They asked me about boyfriends, about my sisters and friends, about basically every part of my life.  It was just strange.  All week you're only thinking about missionary work and then all of a sudden bam, nothing about missionary work.  My companion, Sister Hodgson, told me next time that happened, we'd leave early.  Love the elders to death, but they still need to mature a bit.
Also, we had a surprise zone meeting this week.  The zone leaders texted us at 10:15 pm and it was at 7am the next morning.  We were ticked.  They checked our planners and then our district was allowed to leave, and Hermana Leavitt and her companion as well but the others were chastised.  We're not on good terms with the zone leaders right now and Sister Hodgson and I have to do our companionship study with them tomorrow.  Great...   
So what I really want to say is this week we were trying to contact someone and they weren't home.  Across the street a group of teenagers were hanging out (it was saturday night, I forget that that's normal for people to do).  We went over there and talked to them a bit and then asked if they knew anyone that needed to hear about the gospel.  All at once they said, "Troy".  A boy that was up the street practicing his scooter tricks.  He's a senior in high school.  The boys were super excited and talking about how they wanted him to be baptized before they left on their missions, sound familiar Shams?  Anyways, I was super excited for them and I just kept thinking about Shams.  Sister Hodgson hasn't caught the spirit of it yet, but she will.  Yesterday we went over to one of the friend's houses and he was so willing to ask Troy to meet with the missionaries.  This kid is going to be baptized and it's going to change his life and I'm just so excited about it.
We also met a gay lady this week.  With two kids.  Fun stuff.
I'm loving it and there's still no word on the visa situation.
Hermana Borup

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