Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Missionary Training Center Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
Well I finally get to write and it feels so good.  Here at the MTC every minute of every day is planned for you.  I thought I would have time to write letters at night, but we have to plan and study and write in our journals and they usually let us out late anyway.  But I'm loving it.  I can't say on thursday I loved it, but this place is growing on me. 
The first day I was the third person to come to class.  I met my companion, Hermana Leavitt, later in the day and we began with our first lesson.  My district is mostly natives and we actually have more sisters than elders, 6 sisters and 5 elders.  We live with all the sisters and so that's fun but we don't really get to meet anyone else.  Hermana Leavitt studied spanish is high school but that's it, so she's struggling a little bit but I am so impressed with her spanish.  If that were me, I'd be in the beginner class no question.  We have a companionship of hermanas that are also caucasian, and then an hermana from ecuador and one from mexico.  The elders are from all over, but all of them are native speakers.  It's hard because I feel intimidated sometimes, but I'm working on that and I feel like my spanish has already improved.  Even though we don't ever have language study.  Really, never.  We are basically english speaking missionaries, just in spanish.  12 days total at the MTC. Yikes!
We have two teachers, brothers Anderson and Johnson.  Both of them served in Peru and I'm learning so much from them.  I love class time when they direct us and help us learn.  Personal study on the other hand is a little disorganized and our district likes to talk, so that's hard but it's getting better.  Brother Johnson likes to pick on me.  I think it's because I'm on the end desk and he can get to me easier.  Thursday I had to teach him one on one and that was super scary.  And then yesterday I had to play the investigator in front of the whole class when he was showing us an example of how to teach about prayer.  And then Hermana Leavitt and I had to be the first ones to teach him as the investigator Jean.  It's good though because although I'm being thrown into the fire, I'm not getting burned, just feeling the heat.
The food is excellent and I think I'm gaining weight already.  We just got our mail yesterday for the first time and because of timing I wasn't able to get my package until just barely.  I can't wait to open it, but whatever's inside I know it's good so thank you.  I also got a letter from Karli this week and that was great.  Letter's really are the best and my district makes fun of me because I'm "the loved" one of the group.  But after reading the letters yesterday, I really felt so much better because I felt your support.  So please send more!  Also if you could, please send zip lock baggies and a new loufa, I already lost mine in the shower yesterday. 
We met our branch presidency thurdays night and I met the second counselor's wife.  She told me that Kelly was her best friend and that she dated Brett for a bit.  Her name's Laura Hughes now but I don't remember he maiden name.  She told me to tell Dad hi for her.  That was a very funny connection.  She dated Brett... interesting.
I saw Schuyler on the first day and I've seen him about 4 times since.  He looks extremely happy and it makes me happy to see him.  I think he's opening up and I can already tell this mission is very good for him.  I've also seen sister donakey, fotu, and a handful from timpanogos and oak canyon, elders McGinn, Adams, and Spencer Harris as a teacher and so many more.  It's fun to see someone you know because you don't feel so alone in this thing.  Jacob Lopez is my zone leader, that was a funny surprise, and erica oldroyd is in my zone, but not my district.  Another girl that was in my spanish 206 class is also in my zone.  So many people!
Well I honestly don't know what else to talk about.  I'm starting to love it here.  Missionary work is great.  When we were teaching Jean (Brother Johnson) yesterday, I got to teach the first vision and it was a powerful experience.  I'm so excited to share this message every day for the next 18 months.  Although I'm tired and frustrated, I'm so excited and happy to be here. 
Weston, good job at the assembly, I hope London's not taking this band thing even more seriously.  Dad, I miss Izzy too.  Tell her that for me.  I miss running outside with her!  I have to run 10 loops around the track here before I've run a mile, but I take them easily and talk with other missionaries so it's not too bad.  Mom, I'm excited for Alissa.  We have an elder in our district going to Eugene too and I told him to say hi to Elder Covey for me.  Which he'll see him soon because we leave in 9 or ten days!  Maybe Hermana Leavitt and I don't (she's going to the Argentina Resistencia mission), but the rest do.  Well hermanas Reyes and Pirir are going to independence visitors center and washington dc visitors so they get a week in salt lake after this.  The rest are going everywhere. A lot to california, one to texas, and one elder to my mission!  Well I have 6 more minutes, but I better end this now.  Sorry for the disorganization in this letter.  To tell you the truth, my brain is fried.  My p-day next week will be on friday so that's when I'll write next.  Goodbye for now and I miss you all lots!
-Hermana Borup

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