Monday, March 11, 2013

First Week out in the field!

Dear family and friends, 
Well I'm here in Riverton, Utah!  Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast and then said goodbye to our district.  It was really sad to say goodbye to them because I probably wont see them again.  But then we left for the train and they got the weekend schedule mixed up with the weekday schedule so we were waiting there for an hour and the mission president here was really worried.  I guess we should have called.  Oops.
My new companion's name is Sister Hodgson and we're only covering one stake.  We live in the basement of a member's home so it may be hard to find me dad.  The really sad part is neither Hermana Leavitt nor I are serving spanish investigators.  If we find one, we have to turn them over to the spanish elders.  That made me really sad, but I still get an hour of language study and all the elders in my district are native speakers, ha again.  Except these ones are taller.  I met them today at district workout.   Yes folks, I played basketball!  With elders!  I really am turning in to a more accepting person because there is no way I would have done that before I got out here and actually have fun doing it!
More about my companion: she's from Missouri and she's different from me, but we're getting along just fine.  She's been out for 9 months and she was really excited to hear that I was only 20.
Our area is SLOW.  Saturday we had two baptisms and now we have 0 investigators and I think we're working with one less active.  It's sad.  We're on bikes so yesterday we went to 3 sacrament meetings, asked for referrals from everyone, met a bunch of members, and then biked around and contacted some of the referrals.  I met a crazy catholic man that gave me a free bike helmet and one lady actually slammed the door in our face without letting us speak.  I guess that really does happen.  It's hard being in Utah because everyone knows about the church and "knows" they're not interested already.  But I have faith that there will be someone soon!  Also, my companion doesn't eat breakfast or lunch and the members feed us dinner.  It's rough.  Good thing I didn't give all the food away that I got at the MTC!  Because that has saved my life!  But we're going grocery shopping today so hopefully we can get something good.
Also, I have a lot longer to email now, 1.5 hours, and I can email whoever so my email is  But I also really love getting letters!
More on the next email!

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