Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools Day!

Dear family and friends,
I feel so bad I can't write back everyone I want to.  We just run out of time so quickly and I have to write to the mission president every week.  So if you can, I would love to get letters as well as emails and I'm pretty good at responding to those.
This week was great, except Thursday, but more on that later.  
Monday:  We played werewolves (mafia) again and that's about all.  We learned how to make bread from our landlady and it was delicious.  She makes the best bread!  I'll make some when I get back.  That night we had a lesson with an active family on the holy ghost.  We then committed them to pray about family and friends that need the missionaries to come.  
Tuesday: We had a lesson with Ted and we just talked about his desire for religion more because right now he has none.  I asked the question, "So without religion in your life, what do you feel is your purpose here?"  That started a huge debate with him and his wife.  Apparently that's a sensitive subject, but it definitely got him thinking and we found out that he never felt like he got an answer to any of his prayers when he was interested in religion.  So we're planning on doing one more lesson, and then if he's still not keeping commitments  just focusing on reactivating his wife because she's a sweetheart.
Wednesday: we had a lesson with a less active Hopi girl with a little baby.  She didn't keep her commitment to read so we read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon together.  And she came to church yesterday!!!  Woo!!!  Except the gospel principles class was confusing even us, so we need to talk to her about that when we meet with her again.
Thursday:  NO ONE WAS HOME!!!  We make back up plans and plans and we visited every house we had in our planner and we were still done way early.  And then dinner only lasted 45 minutes instead of an hour.  And then the same thing happened that evening.  So we were really depressed by the end.  
Friday: We had a lesson with the Wilsons!!!  He's a nonmember and he wants to be baptized!  But he didn't accept our date, he says he wants to be the boss and pick his own date.  We'll see him this Friday and he'll have a date by then.  And then we had a lesson with a recent convert and basically the day was fantastic.
Saturday:  Great day, we had deep cleaning.  Not very eventful.
Sunday:  I love Easter!  So much happened and we got lots of candy!  You know how I love candy! But really, we have enough to feed an army, or a zone.  But we had lots of great mini lessons on the atonement and it was just such a great day.
This week is Sister Hodgson's birthday so I'm getting her a cheesecake.  I don't get to go to conference because I'm new, so I'll be watching it with Hermana Leavitt, so I'm happy.  The mission gave us $60 for the first two weeks and then nothing and I'm out of money.  Apparently we're getting another $60 today, but it's getting ridiculous.  We're thinking the MTC and the mission president forgot about us.  But that's alright.  The MTC is overwhelmed.  They've already made many mistakes concerning us so we'll see how this visa thing goes.  We're projecting 6 months at this point because we still haven't met with the consulate.  I just wish we could have done things on our own.  The church is great and true, but a little slow.
I also get really bad cravings to dance.  And it usually comes at zone workout in the mornings and it's really hard not to.  Sometimes being a missionary is hard!
Also, I met a man from Oakland this week and he's a smoker and a drinker and a mormon.  Weird.  But he knows Jill and Grandpa Jones.  So that was pretty exciting.  The next day we went over to set up a lesson and he was completely drunk.  Funny guy.
Well happy April Fools Day!  I hope you do something crazy.  And I never got the package from last week.  They have to be here by Sunday night or they don't get sorted for Monday.  So hopefully I get it today!  I don't want to lose all that advil!
Hermana Borup

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