Monday, April 22, 2013

  A little bit of a Sicky

Dear family and friends,
Wow what a week.  I don't think I've ever had such an emotional rollercoaster, but it's been good.  So last Monday we went and jumped around at airborne and I lost my black jacket which makes me super sad, but maybe I can get a member to drive over there and check the lost and found.  And then that night we got in contact with several people we've been trying to reach, no luck yet, but one of them I have a feeling will come around, especially when her fiance asks her to.
Tuesday Sister Hodgson and I realized that our district and this transfer will be a lot different than last transfer.  The district meeting was excellent and then the lunch was the most uncomfortable hour of my life.  Everyone just ate and didn't look at each other.  Trying to get to know the new elders was like pulling teeth.  Oh well.
Wednesday, oh Wednesday.  What a day.  So sister Hodgson and I have both been pretty down the last couple of weeks, but yet we seemed happy.  We didn't really know what was going on ourselves.  That morning we had companionship study with the zone leaders, except it was only one of the zone leaders that showed up along with one of the assistants.  So we had our normal companionship study (we had to role play a lot more though...ugh).  And at the end our zone leader asked us if we needed anything and we said no.  And then they treated us like investigators and dug deeper.  The assistant cracked us and we both started to cry.  And everything that I didn't know I was feeling came out.  They gave us a blessing and then that day we worked our butts off (literally thank to those lovely bikes).  We found one man that just moved here from Nevada and said he wasn't interested, but accepted the book of Mormon and said he would read.  For our area, that was huge.  We really had a great day.
Then the rest of the week was pretty normal, but we kept finding nonmembers that actually listened for a bit before saying they weren't interested, accomplishment.  We gave a card to one lady and she started to cry and told us that her mom had passed away a year ago.  She wanted to feel closer to her mom and thought that knowing where her mom came from would help her.  Yep, we're going back even though she said she wasn't interested originally.
Saturday and Sunday I was sick.  I thought my mono was coming back honestly.  I felt achy and my throat was killing and my head felt pressurized all around.  Not good.  So Sunday I we went home after sacrament meeting and I took a nap.  And then we went to our dinner appointment and the member gave me a blessing.  I almost immediately felt better.  The power of the priesthood I tell you.  It's real.  And I'm so grateful for it.  Two blessings in one week, both I didn't ask for, but they both helped a lot.
I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and is happy with my work.  I just have to be patient.  Patient with members, with people in the area, and with myself.  It's my focus for this week.
Also, we met a born again this week that gave us a "high-five for Jesus".  That was really fun.  We also met a lady that used to be something similar to Amish in Canada.  The family is now of a religion with no name that holds annual conventions and also have missionaries that go out into the "field".  Quite interesting.
I love you all!  I was down, I was sick, but I'm happy now and this week is going to be amazing so please don't worry about me.
Hermana Borup

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