Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Months in and 10 lbs heavier!

Dear Family and Friends,
Yes, it's true, I've gained 10 pounds and it's the most depressing thing ever because there's nothing I can do bout it.  I ate healthier this week, we ran more instead of going to zone workouts in the morning, and we've been biking like crazy but it ain't helping.  I like to think it's muscle weight from all this biking, but I know better.  Sad sad sad.
Well I had a crazy great week, unfortunately no investigators though. 
Tuesday we had interviews with president.  First Elder Birch (our district leader) called us to have companionship study with him but when we got to the church building, he had to leave to go pick up Elder Thomas, one of the AP's.  So then Elder Thomas was at our district meeting and it was intense but the best district meeting I've had so far.  We practiced contacting and just going straight into teaching and testifying without asking if they were a member, if they've met with missionaries before, and what they knew about the church.  It took a lot of role plays before Elder Birch was satisfied.  And then we went to interviews.  While we were waiting, the zone leaders had a district learning with us.  Again, intense but powerful.  And then it was my turn to meet with President Miller.  I had expected him to ask me if I had questions for him and then have me bear my testimony but that's not what happened.  We prayed, he shined my shoes, and then before I had even sat down he was talking to me.  It was crazy and probably the best 15 minutes I've ever experienced.  He's called of God.  He knew exactly what I needed to hear and he told me my purpose here and why I was in the Riverton North Stake with Sister Hodgson.  Cool doesn't describe it.  He also told me I have to be more bold at Ward councils.
Then on Wednesday we had training for first and second transfer missionaries.  We practiced we invite, they commit, we follow up and I learned a lot.  It was a lot better than the last training.  At the end President walked in and told us all about ward councils and how they need to change.  How we need to be there to talk about missionary work at the beginning.  
Thursday I had to wake up at 4:30 and then I got to go to the Salt Lake Temple because I'm a second transfer missionary!  We rode up with Elder Thomas (scary) and then we did a session and President Miller opened up my eyes in the celestial room.  Then we did a tour of the church history museum and then we had lunch in the church office building.  Hermana Leavitt and I sat by the AP's and we got to know them as human beings.  That was fun except Elder Thomas went to Alta (ugh).  Then I had to ride back with President and Sister Miller.  Man they're funny.  But again, President started talking to me about ward councils and how I need to be better.  Then I went to the doctor.  Ya, I'm on meds now and they make me drowsy, like I really needed that. Dumb allergies and sinuses.  
And then Friday was a normal day, Saturday one of the less actives we're working with quit coffee!!!  To celebrate we gave her pero.  She now wants to get her patriarchal blessing.  And another one we're working with attempted to get a meeting with the bishop!  And she should have one by today!  Dumb executive secretary... oh well.  She's making progress!
Sunday we went to two ward councils and talked to the stake president.  This stake's about to be on fire!  The ward councils were Borupfied (as our district leader put it).  Yes, I was extremely bold with them and I hope they change and do the ward mission process.  We also spoke in sacrament meeting and I prepared the talk that morning.  It didn't go too bad actually.  I'm getting the hang of this, well in English that is. 
So that was the week.  The AP's think that I will be staying here permanently because I have health issues like Elder Thomas did, but they were just joking... I hope.  I have had way too much of leadership these past couple of weeks.  We also had a companionship study with the zone leaders.  Ya, we're definitely on their lists.  Our goal is to get off of that.  Actually, our goal is to find find find.  We're following up with a lot of members this week that should have invited someone to meet with us.  We're going to find this week!  I'm a happy camper.  It really was a good week.
Sister Borup (I got my English nametag last week)

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