Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
I'm so excited you got to talk to Crystal.  I love her and her husband Ted, although he's pretty crazy.  We stop by occasionally just to see how they're doing and one of these times he's going to tell us that he has a desire to gain a testimony.  I just know it.  But he claims that that will never happen and his role is just to break in the new missionaries.

Last tuesday Hermana Leavitt and I went to Salt Lake really early and sat in the room with the consulate for a bit.  There were about 200 missionaries there, including some familiar faces from the MTC, that are unfortunately still in the MTC.  I'm lucky I got to leave when I did because that would stink.  But the consulate just talked about Argentina for a while and made us all wish we were there and then he called each missionary up one by one and had us sign two things in front of him.  We were the first missionaries to be called up so we got done super fast.  It was great because then we got to leave.  Tuesday was also transfer day and it was awesome!  I'm still here with Sister Hodgson and everything's the same there, but the Elder I was having a problem with got transferred to the other side of the mission!  Yes, that was definitely inspired.  But now he's in a district with all visitor center sisters so that could be trouble, but not my trouble anymore. 

This week we had companionship study with the two sister trainers for our mission.  They asked us how we feel about our zone leaders and we answered honestly.  Since then, we've gotten 3 calls a day and two 15 minute talks on how they love us and are thinking about us and how we can call them for anything.  The sisters claim they didn't say anything but the whole thing's suspicious.  Working with elders can sometimes be difficult because they don't know how to treat the sisters.  Treat us normally!
We also met a man this week that we think was a main man in a big gang in salt lake.  All he told us was that he was supposed to be in jail until 2033.  Ya, and he talked forever and we know that he was and probably still is hard core into drugs.  It scared me a bit.  But his wife wasn't home, so we were in the front yard, so that was better. 

Brother Wilson cancelled again.  And didn't come to church.  It was really sad.

Yesterday was the craziest day on my mission so far.  Every minute was taken up by meetings!  We didn't even have a chance to visit one person or contact anyone, but our goal for this transfer is to work better with leadership so that was good that we met a lot more of them.  And there's a man that we met on the streets on thursday and wants to be active and his girlfriend is a nonmember.  Yes!  He wanted to invite his girlfriend to meet with us and he had just quit his job that day so he can now go to church.  It was a miracle for sure.
Yesterday I was in church and I just had a strong feeling that I wasn't doing my job here.  That there are people here that need to hear the gospel from me before I head to Argentina.  I'm not working hard enough.  My legs burn every day from the bike, but I need to work smarter not harder.  And I had a feeling that I won't be here for much longer.  So I now have a new drive.  I'm treating every day as my last day. It's a good thing because I've been a little down this week and extremely non motivated.  Not really, but not as happy as I've been.
Funny thing:  Sister Hodgson and I taught primary yesterday (sharing time for jr and sr) and we did the same lesson and had the same idea as you mom.  Except we used cups.  
Love you all,
Hermana Borup

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