Monday, August 11, 2014

Still Fighting

July 21 2014
Dear Family and Friends,
Don't worry, the leg thing went away after a few days using the medication.  
So I don't really have much to say this week.  We had a pretty rough week.  We went out with a ton of members and almost all of the lessons fell.  Actually, all of them.  So that was hard.  And our investigator that for sure was going to go to church texted us the night before and told us she had to go and take care of her mom.  I don´t think my companion and I talked at all until we got to church.  Both of us were pretty down.  And then a family at church (they live in the really dangerous area) brought 3 new people.  One is the mom of an awesome convert that´s doing his papers, one was the neice of this family, and one was working at the uncle´s house.  So we set appointments up with them and we have that planned for this week.  They were all not really interested and very evangelistas but the spirit will hit them and they´ll accept.  Plus, they have the support of a member family!  That´s always better.  
We also got two calls this week from President talking about the changes that will happen in Mayoraz soon.  So that should be fun.  Just in time for me!  
Today I´ll be with some other sisters while my comp goes to Rosario for trámites and then we also have divisions this week.  Of course, after a really hard week when all we want to do is work really hard the next week, we can´t be in our area.  But we´ll still see miracles.  We just have to have faith!  
We did laugh a lot this week.  And our new District leader was with me in Pergamino when he started his mission and our new zone leader has 8 months on the mission.  I feel so old.  But it will be fun, newer blood = more energy and more excitement for the work.  I like being surrounded by new missionaries.  I´m known as the sister that teaches everyone all the good places to eat and good things to eat... I don´t think that´s a good thing.
Don´t mind the italics, I´m not liking this keyboard.
Hermana Borup

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