Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last One

Dear Family and Friends,
So I feel like everyone´s expecting a great last email, but I´m just not feeling really creative today and I don´t really know what to write.  It´s weird that I´m going home.  I tried buying things today but it´s a feriado and nothing is open.  So that stinks.  And that´s the only thing I´ve done to get ready for coming home.  Oh and I know my homecoming topic, thanks dad.  
This week we worked really hard and not all of our citas fell!!!  We´ve been trying to work with members a lot.  It´s frustrating because members sometimes take a lot of time to work with because you have to go and pick them up, but we saw the blessings this week.  We had some awesome member present lessons!  One was with Carina... she´s not getting baptized this week because she got together again with the father of her son.  She´s dealing with a lot so we keep praying for her.  But when we went in to review the baptismal interview questions with her that´s when she told us.  We had Hermana Carlotta with us that completely knew what to say and they ended up crying together talking about kids.  I was grateful.  Missionaries need the help of the members!  Members can connect to investigators in really special ways.
So we´ve been praying really hard for a baptism this weekend and when Carina fell for some reason we didn´t feel crushed.  She´ll still be baptized, just on a different day.  And then we remembered that María will be baptized this weekend.  We started teaching her an then the elders took her over.  She came to church on sunday and she just had a whole new light in her eyes.  She´s amazing and was so happy to see us.  We´re so excited to see her on saturday!  Can´t really describe those feelings over an email.  The miracle of conversion and prayer.
This week we also started working with an investigator we dropped a while back.  Really we dropped him because we couldn´t find him, but the ward was also really negative about him because he´s a ward member´s neighbor.  Well we passed by again just to see what would happen.  He´s prepared!  He didn´t accept a baptismal date yet because he says he needs to work on his faith but little by little he looks so much happier.  He´s kind of an awkward person and doesn´t like being with people but he came to church on sunday and loved it!  A member took him around the building afterwards and he was just smiling.  He´s also quitting smoking.  He used to smoke around 100 cigarettes a day...  now he´s almost at nothing.  And his shaking has gone down a lot.  I love him.  His name´s Juan Carlos, like the other 3 Juan Carlos´s we´re working with.  Something about that name.  And they´re all old men, well older.  
Well I´ll see ya all next week.  I don´t know if I´ll be able to go to Arroyo Seco before I end afterall because President´s changing everything around, so if I don´t, we´re definitely coming back to Argentina next July.  If you don´t want to then I´ll come by myself.  That plan is the only thing that will stop me from crying this week.  I´ll probably still cry.  
Love you all
Hermana Borup