Monday, August 11, 2014

New Area and Broken Shoes

July 28

Dear Family and Friends,
Well time just keeps going by ridiculously fast.  It hit me this week while we were at lunch with a less active family that I´m really going home in a month.  I got really really sad for a few minutes and then we got back to work.  So although my planner´s decorations would say otherwise, I´m really not that trunky.  Don´t get mad mom, but I´m really more excited to go back to Arroyo Seco and Paraná for a day than to go home.  
So I started the week in Rural, another ward in this stake.  It rained hard and so the next morning was super muddy, which I thought wouldn´t be a problem because the sisters are in the centro.  Wrong, they mostly work in the villa of their area and my shoes broke.  They were about there anyway, but still, I was mad.  So then I walked around in broken shoes the rest of the day and didn´t get to change until I picked up hermana Thornton from the terminal and went home to change.  Oh and my other pair broke today but I fixed it with safety pins.  Yes, you may not recognize me when I get home.  I´ll be the one with holes in my clothes, broken shoes, bunions, red wrinkly cut-up hands, and legs covered in scars caused by mosquitos/ leg infection.  Don´t worry though, I´ve survived it all even if the zone leaders are making me go to a doctor this week for my hands.  
So the big news this week is that we have a new area.  On sunday our stake changed the ward boundaries and our ward got a whole lot bigger.  The zone leaders are now sharing the ward with us and took the north "dangerous" end.  Which means that all of our good new investigators are now theirs but it´s ok because I really think that they can do some good up there.  And I´m pumped to have new areas to find.  Our ward still doesn´t know that now there are 4 missionaries, but they soon will.  They would have yesterday if they didn´t cancel consejo for the 4th week in a row.  
We taught a new investigator that came to church last week named Maria.  She´s a recent convert´s mom and he´s the best.  he´s 20 and just finished his mission papers and will probably go out right when he turns one year as a member.   She was the really evangelica one that I talked about last week.  Turns out she absolutely loves us.  She´s confused because her church says different things but she really feels the spirit with us and lvoes the peace that she feels.  She almost accepted a date but then said she had to pray about it, but that´s great!  And now the elders will teach her.  Along with the other man that keeps coming to church named Angel.  
Just a side note, I think I loved Arroyo Seco so much because we weren´t with the zone leaders.  Not that I haven´t loved all of my zone leaders and respected them and everything, it´s just easier not sharing a ward with them.  
Oh so we had a service in a pueblo this saturday and it lasted all day long.  I thought to myself, if my home stake did this, I would have definitely not wanted to be there, but because I´m a missionary, I love it!  it was a stake service and we fixed up a school.  So we prepared walls for painting, painted them, polished statues, redid chalk boards, and made a garden outside.  Hermana Thornton and I somehow got stuck with the really hard manual labor stuff while the elders polished.  We also got stuck on the ladder that was held together by a bungee cord and rusty nails.  Again, I don´t know how that happened... but it was a blast!
Oh ya, and we made a version of apple pie this week.  It tasted like butter but it really wasn´t that bad.  I´m becoming a good cook.  
So that was this week.  Please pray for Hermana Thornton who is still having sleeping problems.
Hermana Borup

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