Monday, August 11, 2014

You know you´ve been in Argentina too long when...

1. You go through a kilo of dulce de leche in 5 weeks and don´t feel bad about it.
2. You think you have a balanced meal when you add rice to your plate of milanesas.
3. You start losing teeth.
4. You can´t control your hands when you talk.
5. You can sit in a house with 27 cats and not wonder if the food is sanitary.
6. You automatically kiss everyone, even the north american sisters.
7. You have to ask your companion what´s still in style (apparently platform shoes are not.  They´re really big here)
8. Your socks are the permanent holding place for your phone, money, etc.
9. You know Violetta songs by heart
10. You feel a need to buy every kid you know a gift for el día de niño, a holiday that you forgot doesn´t exist in the states.

Dear Family and Friends,
The biggest news from this week is that my tooth chipped while I was flossing one night.  It hurts.  But not that bad.  After All, it´s the tooth with the root canal.  But I felt like a real Argentine at that moment.
So this week was pretty normal.  We´ve been working a lot with two investigators that were the elders, Carina and Patricia.  Carina will be baptized on the 23rd and we´re super excited.  The only thing that was holding her back before was her pareja, but now they´re over.  She just still needs to be a little firmer on the date but we have faith.
Patricia is a middle aged woman that is great in everything except diezmo.  She works 3 jobs and she just thinks it will be impossible to pay.  We had a lesson on faith and how nothing is impossible if we ask God and she was agreeing and everything and then we turned it to her issue with diezmo and she kept saying, "It´s impossible!"  You just told us nothing is impossible!  It was a little frustrating but we realized we just need to increase her faith a bit.  She did fast with us this week though.  So did Carina.  
I don´t know what else to talk about.  We had zone meeting and I had to give my final testimony.  That was weird.  And I´m super sad to be leaving.  It´s hit me hard and I´m kind of emotional about it.  What other time in my life am I going to be able to just go up to someone and talk about the gospel and have it be ok that it´s awkward for us both because I have mi placa?  Without the placa it´s just awkward.  But that´s ok because what I learned from the beginning of my mission is that even in Utah it´s possible to be an awesome member missionary.  
That´s all.  Just so you know dad, I have another 30 minutes so you can write me if you want.
Hermana Borup
P.S. I did make guacamole this week and it was awesome!  I´ve learned how to just put things together and make it work.  So I think that will be useful.

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