Monday, August 11, 2014

I´m gonna look like an Argentine

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week was an adventure and it actually didn´t go by so fast because we were a little stressed.  
We started off the week getting to know our area.  We´ve been talking with and seeing the elders a lot.  The thing is, we organized our area book and gave them all the information they needed to be successful last monday.  It´s now a week later and we still don´t have their information.  elders. But they did tell us the people they were working with and showed us around to their houses on wednesday morning.  We were wondering why they took time to do that when they could have just given us the addresses, but then we realized they probably don´t even have the addresses written down anywhere.  
On wednesday we also had a correlation meeting with our 18 year old ward mission leader.  Those meetings usually make Hermana Thornton and I so mad that in order to avoid saying anything mean, we´re quiet.  With the elders there this week it was a little better.  But then he went out with them to one of our old investigators and they realized why we get so annoyed with him.  Also after our principios del evangelio class on sunday they asked us "is it usually this bad?" and that was actually one of the best classes he´s given.  
The big highlight of the week was that I got to go to Paraná this week on divisions!  And I saw two members!  Also, Hermana Rasband wanted to go to two antiguos in the morning and it turns out that they were 2 investigators that I taught last year and then dropped.  so that was a little awkward.  But Paraná was super fun and it was fun to be in the pench again and to walk around the city.  It´s so different than the rest of Argentina!
On Sunday we got a new bishop and the new ward was formed as well.  We had 80 people there and only 5 of them were visiting from the stake!  Incredible!  It was so exciting the see the capilla almost full.  The most I´ve seen on my mission!  And one of our investigators came.  Really she was the elders, but now she´s ours.  And an investigator that was ours but now is the elders came as well with the whole less active family!  We were so excited to see them.  We´ve all been working hard and it looks like these changes in the ward and in our individual areas are going to be really good for the ward.  Change is a good thing.
And now I´m spending loads of money trying to buy things before I go home, which is super complicated because most of pday is during the siesta.  So we´ll see if there will be presents for anyone.  At least mom and dad are taken care of.  But the rest of you, probably not.  I´m sorry!
Well that´s all.  We have to bajar la caña on a lot of investigators that just won´t progress this week.  We´ll see how it goes.  Sometimes agency annoys me.  Just put the mate down, turn off the tv, and talk to us!  
Hermana Borup
ps mom, will you update the blog?
Oh and the subject, I have all argentine clips and sweats and I´m gonna look good and lazy for school! 

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