Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When you didn´t think anything else could possibly happen...

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week I got an infection in my leg.  Yep.  I thought I was done with having weird things happen to me.  So monday morning I woke up with these bites that I just thought were mosquito bites (subject of last week´s letter).  The bites hurt more than itched though.  And then they grew and it hurt to walk.  And then they got infected and that was just gross and hurt.  A lot of puss that I (thinking they were zits at this point) tried to pop.  Then we got smart on Thursday and went to the nurse in our ward, Hermana Carlotta, the stake president´s wife and she said we needed to go to a doctor.  So I´ve been on medication now and I also have a good cream to put on it.  It´s all under control but really?  Why is it always me and not my companions?  Not that I wish illness on my companions...
Next, the world cup.  That was pretty crazy when we won against holland during the shootout.  We knew it was a shootout because we were in the streets and everytime we made a shot the car horns would go off.  We were in the streets when we won.  It was intense.  But we had a lesson right then so we were safe inside.  A lot of robberies and drugs went on that night.  But it was also a very exciting moment to be in Argentina.  And then the missionaries had permission to watch the game on sunday if we watched it with members.  So we went to the Carlotta home and they put us upstairs by ourselves and had cake and juice for us.  It was a sweet setup but they did it so we wouldn´t get offended if one of the cousins swore downstairs.  We were sad when they lost, but it was alright.  Di Maria wasn´t playing and I think if he were, we would have won.  Germany controlled the game, but we had more shots that could have worked out for us.  Oh well, Germany is a good team too. Except I hate how number 7 from their team with the non-pronounceable last name played.  What a flopper.  That was annoying.  I think he singlehandedly gave the non soccer fans like Dad a reason to complain.  Just get up and play and stop being a baby.  
So on to the work of the week...  Surprisingly it wasn´t affected that badly by the cup.  We got a lot of referrals this week and that was awesome.  We met the new mission president and he´s great!  Super motivational and his kids are the coolest.  All of them.  I played with the three youngest during lunch.  The youngest is 5.  And they have a son in Taiwan serving a mission and the next one is leaving in December.  
We had a huge miracle that I want to share this week.  On our way to go meet the president we got on the bus, a girl came up to us introducing herself as a member from a different ward and told us that she had been praying to find us because she had a referral for us.  She works at an old person home and upstairs lives a family that she has become close to.  The mom just passed away 3 weeks ago and she´s been consoling the husband by explaining the book of mormon.  We went the next morning but she said it was a bad day for him.  So then we went saturday and she got us in there and he has a 4 year old girl and says that he just feels so alone.  He was just crying the whole time and we just testified, left him with a book of mormon and taught him how to pray.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had.  This man needs the gospel and he´s ready to accept it.  Just pray that he has the strength to leave his house to go to church and get baptized!
Other investigators are doing great they just need to go to church!  But two accepted a date for the 9th.  It would be really cool if weston and I had baptisms on the same day.  That´s cute.  Pray for Fernando, Eva, Verónica, and Paola please.  Thanks!
Hermana Borup
infection.  doesn´t look that bad but hurt badly
mundungo.  Cow stomach stew.  Gross

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