Monday, July 7, 2014

I´m doing great

Dear Family and Friends,
Question of the week: Can you go blind from smoking marijuana for too many years and too much quantity?  Because I think that may have happened to our investigator... Let me explain
So remember Gladys, our only investigator on date for baptism?  Well we didn´t feel comfortable going to her house again to teach so we found a member house to take her too.  Partly because her house was mysteriously missing all the lights...  So we go last sunday and she wasn´t home anyway.  whew, we´re free.  So then we go on wednesday morning to try and set up an appointment with her at the member´s house.  We´re setting it up and I think the creepy son realized what we were trying to do and came out and said that his mom had time right then for a lesson.  Ok... well we went in because what can happen in the morning right?  Oh it was awful.  All of a sudden his friend comes out from the back room, we´re trying to have a lesson but no words are coming out, the son turns on this awful music with no words, shows us his tattoos (he´s a tattoo artist and has a huge virgen on his chest that he did himself) and then the son and the friend start smoking weed in the back.  We cut the lesson right then and asked if we could end with a prayer.  She´s saying the prayer and during it she asks to have the power to stop smoking (but we don´t think it´s cigarettes).  We ended the prayer for her and booked it out of there but not fast enough to escape the kiss from the son.  It was the worst feeling but hey!  It´s a story right.  Needless to say, she´s just not all there and we think our efforts would be best spent somewhere else.
Other than that we found 3 awesome new investigators this week.  One is the pareja of a less active family and they said they were going to church but didn´t come which was sad but next week they´re coming for sure!  And then the other one is a cute mom and her husband (who wasn´t there for the first lesson) is also really nice.  We see some good potential in them.  And the last one we found last night while contacting.  Her names Verónica and she´s a single mom of one.  One of her good friend´s LDS and she loves the church.  Took the lessons about 9 years ago but said it wasn´t her time.  So now we´re praying that it´s her time.
We also had a noche de hogar at the church this week.  Not very many people came which was disappointing but it was super fun .
Also, the whole ward is mad at the bishop and the bishop confronted everyone about it yesterday in the last hour.  It was kind of uncomfortable but we couldn´t do anything about it.  So in the end we were kind of grateful we didn´t have investigators at church.
That was our week.  Mom, I haven´t been sick very much for months now and it´s been awesome.  But I did get a bad cold on saturday and it´s still here.  But it´s fine, it happens all the time and it doesn´t affect the work that much.
The picture´s from our first walmart adventure like 2 months ago. Go world cup! We just can´t win the next one because then we´d be going agaisnt argentina and all the missionaries from the states would be in danger.  But really.
Love you all!
Hermana Borup

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