Monday, July 7, 2014

And the mosquitos are back

Dear family and friends,
So since you´re all asking, I´ll talk about the world cup first.  We´re not allowed to watch any of the games, but when you´re eating with members and all the games for argentina have been at that time so far, we´ve seen little bits of games but still trying to be obedient.  Yes, argentina won and yes it was a huge party for about an hour on the streets.  But I wasn´t awake to experience it because I was super sick this week.  My cold got better after a few days and then bam on friday just crashed and died.  But I´m all better now and let me tell you, Hermana Zanni is super nice.  She did prescribe me a medicine though that I had to take 3 times a day that just knocked me out.  So church was fun.
And yes dad, I think Argentina will win only because I´m here.  Where should I travel next?  What country to do you want to have win in 4 years?  I´m thinking I´ll live in costa rica.  That sounds fun.  No only joking, but it would be cool and I would be pumped if Argentina wins.
So the work this week was pretty slow.  Because I was sick we didn´t get a lot done but it was alright.  Our investigators didn´t come on sunday but they all said for this next sunday.  Paola absolutely loved the book of mormon and was so excited when we said it was her copy.  And verónica is scared about baptism but loves our church.  She just needs to feel like it´s the truth.  Which is what everyone needs to feel.  So that´s fun.  And we avoid Gladys´s house like the plague.  Something isjust off with it and it´s not just the drugs.  
We get to meet Presidente Zanni tomorrow and I´m pretty excited.  He seems super nice and strict and good.  And we get to meet all of his kids as well which is exciting!
Well my finger´s starting to hurt from an ingrown, I know it´s gross, but I´m done.  Pray for me that I can end my mission strong and healthy!  
Hermana Borup

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