Monday, February 24, 2014

Baptism! And exchanges...

Dear Family and Friends,
Lauren´s getting married?  That doesn´t surprise me that much, but that´s super fast!  Another wedding I´ll miss.  Oh well. 
Mom, yes we have senior companions, but with Hermana Ihler and I, we´re both senior companion.  Also, I haven´t paid much attention to leadership on the mission.  Like I said, we have 2 sister training leaders for all the sisters in the south.  We hardly ever see them and hardly ever hear from them.  Except last monday we got the email saying that the next day we had exchanges with them.  What?  They couldn´t have let us know sooner.  Very bad planning on their part.  We had to cancel lessons that we had planned because of bus schedules and trios with the other hermanas and things.  It was a mess and I was pretty mad.
But the exchange was fun.  I had to travel 3 hours and went to Roldán and we had awesome lessons there and awesome contacts.  I miss the pueblos!  Cities are hard.  But I was with Hermana Chambi who´s from Peru and is great.  So much fun.  She´s also a convert and left on her mission a few months after she turned 1 year as a member.  So cool.  We laughed lots, I got to sleep on the bus and so it was overall great there but i heard it went horribly wrong in our area.  Oh well.  The Hermana that came to our area might have destroyed our relationship with Alejandra.  She´s making it hard to meet with her and Hermana Ihler wants to drop her.  which makes me super sad.  
The other big thing that happened this week was Brisa´s baptism!  We picked up a less active for church and got to church about 5 minutes beforehand.  The elders were worried that the baptismal font door wasn´t going to open.  We got that solved in very short amount of time only to find the bigger problem.  There was already water there from the last baptism 3 months ago!  It was so disgusting and it wouldn´t drain!  So we didn´t go to relief society or principios del evangelio, we worked on trying to figure out the font.  Brisa´s mom was ticked.  She blamed the elders, which is wasn´t their fault at all, and said some horrible things.  But we finally got it figured out before sacrament.  The baptism was supposed to start at 1 but the bishop was in a rush so they started at 12:30 without Brisa!  And half of her friends came late.  ugh.  But in the end it all worked out.  Everyone was mad at us but what are you going to do?  The important thing is that she got baptized and that she´s happy.  Just sometimes I would like a little more support from the members.  Please treat your missionaries good.  All the missionaries in this city get treated very badly and it´s hard to want a baptism when we´re not sure if the convert will be welcomed or not.  Really hard to want another baptism when everyone gets mad at you for everything.  I´m 21 I don´t know what i´m doing half the time!  I´m not perfect!
But other than that the work has become a little slow.  We had to drop almost all of our investigators and we´re trying to find.  But there are good people here and I know there are some waiting to hear the gospel!  It is the best news!
Side note, we had to counsel a less active this week on some serious issues she has and it was amazing!  Hermana Ihler and I were exactly on the same page and we know that it was exactly what the Lord wanted that sister to know!  I love being a missionary!
Hermana Borup
Pictures: Exchange with hermana Chambi
Elder Villalon cleaning out the nasty spiders and cockroaches 
Brisa!  I do love her.

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