Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Foot Infection

Dear Family and Friends,
So this will have to be short because the cyber closes really soon.  Sorry!
This week was pretty good.  Everything was going really well, we found a new investigator named Ivana, our hope in Alejandra was renewed and some other things but then we ran into trouble.  Thursday while we were contacting, Hermana Ihler got bit by a beetle.  Except she´s a allergic to bites like this and she swelled up bad.  So friday was painful for her and saturday we couldn´t work.  And then yesterday we finally went to the doctor and it´s infected.  We can´t work for the next 3 days!  I´m going crazy!  But I did make tortilla española.  Yum!  So there´s one blessing I´ve found from staying in.
So since we weren´t able to work on saturday, I thought no one was going to come to church.  But to our surprise Jonathan and Andrea came, and we haven´t seen Jonathan in weeks!  Sweet!  But instead of wanting them to get married, I want them to seperate and just stay friends.  And then Jonathan can get baptized.  But yes, he loved church and we have a cita with them  on tuesday.  Hopefully we can get there in a taxi if Hermana ihler´s doing better.  Now I know how all of my comps felt when I got sick!
Love you all,
Hermana Borup
P.S. I can´t believe it´s been a year!  It´s gone by way too fast.  It really feels like only 4 months has gone by.  Scary!
Pictures: One year mark!  We went to Grido´s of course to celebrate
The drink at our ward dance.  They used ice packs to keep it cold and a stick that they found somewhere in the kitchen to stir.  Without washing!  That would never happen in the states!
My spanish tortilla!

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