Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Week of Contacting

Dear family and friends,
Well another week has gone by.  I can´t believe how fast the time goes by.  Pday happens and then all of a sudden you´re at weekly planning and then the week is basically over.  There isn´t enough time in the days to get everything done!  Especially since we have the lovely siesta.  We don´t even go out working until 5!  And mornings are hard because everyone has things to do so we usually end up contacting all morning.  Yep, so this week was a lot of contacting.  And we didn´t really find anyone that good.  But we did talk to 3 atheist kids for a while.  It broke my heart.  In Spain, when the kids just drank and wanted to have fun my attitude was, "well that´s dumb but there´s nothing I can do about it."  Here it´s like "what are you doing!? You´re throwing your lives away and you have so much to live for!  Getting drunk and doing drugs every day is not a life.  It doesn´t bring happiness."  I just want to kick them and their parents for not being there to parent them.  That´s why this gospel is so important.  Of course they´re going to do those things when they don´t have an eternal perspective.  Or any sort of perspective.  
Sorry about my tangent there.  So this week we had transfers and we spent a good part of Wednesday in the terminal.  I met our new zone leader and he´s also going to be working in our ward for us.  He´s pretty cool and I think he will help this ward out a lot!  I´m excited.  And then Hermana Mueller left, which made me super sad, and Hermana Sanchez came.  She´s super quiet.  I don´t think I´ve heard her say more than 10 words.  She´s from Peru and she´s super little.  Nice, but the pench isn´t the same.
Saturday afternoon we just really needed a lesson.  We had been contacting all week and so we were desperately trying to find someone who would let us in.  We stopped by a former investigator, Beatriz and she still wants to get baptized during holy week.  But it´s still hard to teach her because she talks so much.  But we taught a little and then on Sunday she came!!!  I was not expecting it!  Her nephew is a strong member and so he was there and showed her around and even came to our class with her and convinced her to stay for sacrament!  And she stayed!  And his daughters stole her heart.  That little act shows me that she actually can be ready for baptism by that date.  I´m super excited for her because for so long she´s felt alone and you could tell at church she felt like part of a family.  
Jonathan´s also doing really well.  We taught the law of chastity this week so they have to make some hard decisions now.  Hopefully they can make them!  Please pray for him and Andrea!  
So yep, that was basically the week.  Hope you all are great!
Hermana Borup

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