Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,
Ahh!!! It´s transfer time again.  I don´t know how the time seems to always go by super fast.  But nothing´s changing for us!  Wahoo!!!  I get to stay with Hermana Ihler here in Pergamino.  Super excited because she´s the first companion since my trainer in Utah that I get to be with for more than a transfer.  Guess I have someone that can stand being with me.
Unfortunately Hermana Mueller´s leaving.  And she´s going to be companions with my last companion, Hermana Garbin.  Kind of funny.  They´ll have fun together but I´m sad we won´t be living together anymore.  Until BYU.
Nothing really exciting happened this week.  We got to meet with Jonathan several times and he went to church again.  He even got work off to come!  But they want to hold off on getting married.  So we´ll keep teaching and have the faith that he will be baptized this transfer.
We also contacted a ton.  Good thing the weather´s been perfect.  I actually enjoy contacting because you never know what you´re going to find on the other side of the door.  It makes things exciting.  Also it´s a challenge and I love challenging myself.  It´s also about the only number the missionaries can control.  So if we contacted, it shows that we were working.  Whereas lessons are sometimes really hard to get in this area.  People are too busy. they need to realize we have the truh and this is more important than anything else!  Sometimes I just want to yell that to the world, but then people would think I´m weird and that´s the last thing I want.  People already think we´re weird, I don´t need to make it worse. 
Oh and there was a race this week.  I want to join so badly!  Can´t wait to run again.

So yep.  Sorry I have no fun stories for the week.  Sometimes it all just seems like we do the same things every week.  Because we do!  And I love it!  This gospel is amazing.  Please share it. 
Hermana Borup
We made empanadas with Andrea and Jonathan.
Our zone at the zone meeting on friday.  I´m going to miss them.

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