Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And we´re back to flu season

Dear family and friends,
So this week Hermana Ihler got sick.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself that it wasn´t me until saturday when I got sick too.  I´ve been feeling horrible for the last couple of days but whatcha gonna do?
This week I was also called fat twice.  Well actually, in the same day.  We were at lunch with an Hermana on friday and her less active son came in.  He lives in Salta and visits about once a month, so we already knew him.  He always says some rude comments, but it´s all good fun.  Until I asked him how long the drive is from Salta.  He said 10 hours and that one province was 43 C on the way there.  And then he said that I should ask president to transfer me to that mission a transfer before I go home so that I will sweat off all of my fat.  That was low.  Especially because he made 2 other comments during the lunch about my weight.  But I felt better when he asked Hermana Ihler why she couldn´t speak and I spoke so well if we got to Argentina together.  He´s just a mean man.
The other comment came from a lady that night.  I was finishing eating something when she came to say hello.  Then she said, you should stop eating because you´re "re gorda".  Again, thanks.  I didn´t need that.
This week Beatriz accepted a concrete date!  April 19!  But she couldn´t come to church because of work.  This next week she´s coming though.
We also met a new investigator this week named Patricia.  She´s orthodox catholic which isn´t too common.  But all of her concerns, we can answer!  So we taught her the restauration and she´s going to read the book of mormon.  I´m excited because I really think she´s interested in what we teach and not just because we´re two young girls from the states!
Another cool thing this week was that Jonathan and Andrea came with us to another investigator´s.  How about that?  An investigator coming with us to another one.  And he bore testimony and everything.  It was awesome!  He just needs to be baptized!
Hermana Borup

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