Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zone Conference

Well I have no time to write this week.  Sorry.  But I do want to say a few
First, we had zone conference this week and it was the best!  I learned so
much.  Basically I came out wanting to change everything about the way I do
missionary work.  Well not everything, but a lot.  And we played a
scripture and preach my gospel knowledge game and I rocked at it.  I didn´t
think I knew the scriptures very well, so it boosted my confidence.
We found an awesome girl this week.  her names mariángeles and she´s
actually married!  She´s been praying and feeling like her prayers have
been answered!  She´s golden!
We had 2 investigators at church but the elders had 6.  So eight total!  It
was awesome.  It was also the first time since I´ve been in Pergamino that
the elders actually had investigators come to church.  So we were excited
for them.  Two great families!  Would be such a blessing for this ward.
Also, at church there were a lot of kids and we were asked last minute to
teach sharing time in primary.  We did the human knot and it was a mad
house.  And then in sacrament, each missionary had two kids to take care
of.  We were all divided so that our investigators could hear what was
going on and not be listening to crying.  Kind of fun.  But I think I´ll
wait about 10 years between each child I have.
That´s all.  I love you all so much!  Thanks for all the support.  It was
much needed this week!
Hermana Borup
Pictures- 13 months!  We´re not trunky, I promise
arroz con leche, my enemy
Elder Monzon, my district leader, and I trying to cut up a chicken.  We´d
never done it before.

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