Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Save a place, I´ll be there, in Santa Fe!

Dear Family and Friends,
So the day has finally arrived.  Since the beginning of my mission I´ve been singing the newsies song wanting to go to Santa Fe.  And here I am, I´m getting transfered to Santa Fe!  Probably going to die there as well, in mission vocabulary.  My new comp is Hermana Wilde, who got to the mission when Hermana Dean got there.  Super cute and I think she´s going to be fun.  But I´m worried about being with an american in Santa Fe.  Whenever there´s two americans together it´s bad news for creepers.  Should be fun and full of adventure.
So this week we made the mission goal for contacts.  My first time ever.  140 contacts.  I about died doing it, but we did it.  I love contacting, I do, but not really during holy week.  It´s like all of a sudden the catholics turn really catholic and don´t want to talk to you.  Oh and I showed Hermana Ihler the cathedral we have here in Pergamino.  It was her first time walking in one.  While we were there I noticed that a lot of men were walking in.  I thought it was odd because usually no one´s in there.  And it was also weird that there were no women.  And so we got up to go and I saw the sign saying that the special mass for men would be starting in 5 minutes.  Ooops.
This week we also said goodbye to our zone leader, Elder Higginson.  He got called as AP.  Super good elder but it´s weird when someone that was in the mtc with you gets called as AP.  It means we´re old in the mission.  Anyway, he sayed goodbye to everyone in the ward on sunday and so I didn´t, and now I´m leaving too.  That stinks.
We had the marriage talk again with Jonathan and Andrea and it turned into a counseling session.  They still don´t have a date, but they´re going to start doing comp inventories once a week.  Thank you Preach my Gospel for teaching me that!
We got flirted on real bad by a 50 year old man last pday.  This is a daily occurance but the bad thing was this was the first time it´s ever happened in front of the elders.  The zone leaders just smiled and winked.  I was going to kill them.  To make matters worse, they´ve told everyone in the ward and in the zone.  
We have a less active that we´ve been teaching that´s super old and has a bad back and that´s why she doesn´t come to church.  But she came for easter.  it was super exciting to see her there.  I really do love this area.  
Well I know this isn´t really miracle filled, but it was a good week.  We have a lot of new potentials, a few new investigators and life´s good.  Now I´m ready for the new adventure in Santa Fe!  I get to live with the patriarch!
Hermana Borup

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