Monday, April 28, 2014

Santa Fe, city of mosquitos

Dear Family and Friends,
Well I´m here in Santa Fe.  Saying goodbye in Pergamino was hard but I was ready to go and excited to start new.  I traveled all day on Wednesday.  I was in Rosario for 3 hours waiting to go to Santa Fe because the hermana I was going to travel with caused problems.  Yep, the same one that always caused problems in Arroyo Seco when I lived with her.  So that was annoying, but oh well.
I love my new companion.  She´s super bold.  Really.  And that first night one of our investigators accepted a baptismal date.  Juan Carlos for the 10th of May.  Super funny man and super prepared.  
This week we also saw two miracles while contacting.  Two girls, about 23, next door neighbors let us in.  So miracle after miracle.  Sweet.  Both are really interested but don´t understand why they need a church in their lives.  But just the fact that they let us in was a miracle.  I think I´m going to love this area.  
The ward´s interesting.  All the strong members got baptized last year.  The ones that have been members for years are less active.  I don´t get it.  There´s a lot of gossip in this ward and everyone´s mad at everyone.  Oh well.  There´s work to do!  Starting with english class!  Wahoo.  Finally going to get that started.
So I have no time this  week.  I would just love some extra prayers for protection.  This area has history.  We don´t carry bags.  Just a book of mormon,our agenda´s and some pamphlets.  So I think I should be ok but I would love prayers anyways!  Oh, and we can´t go into half of our area!  Crazy!
I´ve officially been in Argentina longer than Spain.  That´s an accomplishment.  Sad that I only have 4 months left.  Really, I freak out when I think about it so I choose not to think about it.
Hermana Borup

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