Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Conference Weekend

Dear family and friends,
So i don´t even remember the rest of the week because conference was what I was looking forward too.  I do remember that we worked on trying to get all our investigators there.  And Jonathan came for 2 sessions (he had to work on sunday) and another investigator came with his brother!  But no one else... which was sad but I still loved it.
So there´s a little girl in the ward that calls me "seño" which is short for señorita.  That´s because we taught her in primary and she´s less active and not used to calling the women hermanas.  Cute though.  That´s what people call their school teachers here.  There´s also a little boy in the ward that´s in love with me.  Worse, he´s not that little.  He´s 11 for goodness sakes!  He´s awkward but what are you gonna do?
Back to conference... so saturday we got a ride for Manuel, our really old investigator that can´t walk very well.  We went with the patriarch and his wife.  When we showed up to his house we realized his brother was going to go with him.  Uh oh, not enough spaces.  So hermana Ihler and I crowded into the front seat and the two brothers and the patriarch´s wife were in the back.  At conference they both fell asleep... but Manuel said afterwards that he liked it and felt the spirit!  So that´s good.  And President Eyring´s talk was perfect for him!  Also perfect for Jonathan1
In this mission we can´t go to saturday afternoon unless we have an investigator there.  And Jonathan stayed.  Did anyone catch all the references to the law of chastity?  It was the best!  I have a feeling they are going to get married sometime really soon.  Jonathan just wants to get baptized but he needs to realize that living with someone is a sin!
My favorite talk was Elder Ballard´s of course!  Do his invitation!  It will bring a lot of blessings into your lives.  We all need to get involved in this work and make sure that we follow up on our invitations!  Without the follow up, nothing gets done.  Not enough to just give out a book of mormon on a trip and invite them to read.  Love them into this gospel.  We all have to do the baby steps, so do it with them!
Well I´m going to try and update you on preach my gospel learnings more often!  I loved Elder Uchtdorf´s talk too on gratitud.  I added it to my preach my gospel chapter 6!  Another christlike attribute to have!
Love you all!
Hermana Borup

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