Monday, February 10, 2014

More Food

 10 Feb 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week I got lots of letters.  Thanks!  I love letters.  But mom, I still didn´t get either of the packages.  I´m worried too.  I´ve noticed that the envelopes have a harder time getting through than the boxes. I don´t know why.  But I did get the calender from weston!  I love it!
So I really don´t have time today. But some of the highlights.
This week we became best friends with the bishop.  The elders were in Rosario at a zone leader capacitación and so us, the second couselor and the bishop met on wednesday night without them.  I brought banana bread with dulce de leche on top (request of the bishop) and we talked about what was going on in the ward.  He gave us a few names of less actives to visit and we planned an activity for the less actives to come to church.  It was very productive and fun.  Turns out our bishop is super cool and funny.  And now he loves us.  he even gave us his own key for us to go and get a copy.  Awesome!  We´re going to have a key to the church finally!  
After that we updated the elders and then the four of us cleaned the church on friday.  I have a new respect for these elders.  They were good cleaners.  And we seem to be working as a team now with the bishop rather than all of us doing our own thing.
This week was rough for getting lessons, but we did have some good lessons.  One was with Jonathan, the less active´s pareja.  We went with a member and the member was just awesome.  Taught priesthood better than I could have.  But Jonathan couldn´t come to church again because of work.  We´re praying that he can find another job.  
Hermana Ihler and I made every day special this week.  As in every day has a theme.  On thursday we bought little candies and ate one every 30 minutes.  And on friday the theme was pictures and saturday was grido (ice cream) day.  Tomorrow is fruit day and wednesday is chocolate.  Sometimes missionaries just need a little ánimo to keep going.  Especially on the days where no one will let you in and you just walk and walk and walk.
At church I was asked last minute to play the piano.  it was a disaster.  Hermana Ihler was asked last minute to give a talk.  I would have rather given the talk.  I was shaking so bad that all the notes were off.  Oh well.  I did my best.
Oh and the bishop announced a baptism on sunday for the 23rd.  It´s a 14 year old from an incomplete family and she was just waiting for her dad to baptize her.  Her dad just started coming back so now she´s ready.  Except, she hasn´t had any of the lessons.  The bishop asked us to teach her even though she´s in the elder´s area because she felt uncomfortable with the elders.  We feel bad for them because they did nothing wrong, but the important thing is that she´s getting baptized right?  Hopefully we can get her 10 year old little sister on board for the same day.  Shouldn´t be a problem.
Well have a great week.  Also, the creek flooded.  That was fun.  And a lot of people have water in their houses.
Hermana Borup
Me killing the fungus  and it didn´t work.  Hermana Giuliani told me I had to have rubber gloves, goggles, and a mask.  This was the missionary version of that.
And pictures of the flood disaster.  And it´s still raining!

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