Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week was the week of cat calls.  Every week in Argentina actually, but this week was worse than normal.  We decided it was thanks to Valentine´s day.  Tuesday was especially bad and I decided that Hermana Ihler could not wear her boots again, and she decided that I couldn´t wear my black skirt again.  I think it´s just because two americans are together.  It was always bad with Hermana Smith and Dean.  I think it´s also because Hermana Ihler is tall...
So besides that we had a great week.  We started teaching Brisa, the girl getting baptized this Sunday.  We had to teach her almost everything in a week, her interview is today, and then we have to teach her everything else this week.  And then her younger sister also wants to get baptized, but I think she´ll have to wait a few weeks.  That took up most of our time because they don´t live in our area and they don´t even live in the city!  So we have to take the colectivo there and then walk about 15 minutes on the freeway to get to their house.  She´s great though and so ready.  All of her efy counselors are coming for the baptism and a lot of her friends too!
Alejandra´s doing great.  This week we went with a member in our ward to her house and she loved it!  The member gave her a Liahona to read and a living christ sheet!  But she didn´t come to church and we don´t know why yet.  Really, all that´s laking with her is the smoking.  She just can´t give it up!  We don´t know what else to do!  We taught fasting this week and she´s even willing to fast!
We weren´t able to see Jonathan this week because of this work but we have an appointment for today! 
The mission is starting a new thing.  today until easter we´re trying to get 500 baptisms.  Crazy!  Considering we have like 50 a month usually...  But there´s a plan and I´m pretty excited about it!  We know Alejandra, Brisa, Brenda, and Jonathan can be baptized soon, but we still have to find a few more.  Yay for contacting.
Saturday I felt really homesick.  Probably the most I´ve been on my mission.  I just really wanted to be at that wedding, but it´s done now.  Hermana Ihler´s cousin married her roommate on friday, so we were both thinking about weddings all weekend.  I hope at least some of my friends will wait until I get home to get married.  I just want to witness a sealing I guess, and have friends when I get home.
Sunday I was asked to play the piano again.  I should have never told the elders I play.  This week went a lot better though.  And since I don´t know any sacrament hymns, I got an excuse to just play with one hand!  And it was the best hymn I played! 
So that´s it.  Mom, could you look into when I have to sign up for classes?  I have a question on whether my Bio 130 lab covered the bio lab I have to take for dental school or if I have to take molecular bio lab.  Thanks!  You´re the best!  Happy Valentine´s day and every other holiday they don´t celebrate here!
Hermana Borup

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