Monday, February 10, 2014

Orange Fungus and Rain

 3 Feb 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Oh how I love Argentina.  Actually, this morning I told the other sisters, "I´m done!  I´m going home and being a missionary in the states!"
Let me explain,
So our apartment has been without hot water for the past transfer and without water in the kitchen for the last 3 weeks.  That´s been a pain because it all of a sudden started to rain and the water´s been freezing.  So our showers have become less and less frequent and our apartment more and more smelly.  All of that is fine.  I can deal with it.  Hermana Ihler was quite upset about it, but she´s new to the apartment and will get used to it as well.  But this morning, due to the flood from a couple of weeks ago we discovered a new problem.  Orange fungus.  I´ve never seen it like this before.  Last week I cleaned out our food cupboards and I found it, but I thought it was a weird powdered food Hermana Garbin ate.  So I didn´t think much about it.  But it grew again and got on a lot of our food.  We had to throw a lot away.  But I´m just so grossed out.  Why!  I guess it´s time to call Hermana Giuliani to tell her about the flood, the hole int he wall, the no water, and the fungus.
This week was awesome!  Hermana Ihler is my new companion and she´s from Pocatello, Idaho.  She´s a nurse yes, but that´s because at BYUi it only takes two years.  So she´s going back and studying more.  But because she´s the nurse, we get to take the phone with us everywhere!  Missionary work´s going to be a lot easier.  Other missions get ipads and we don´t even get our phone on the streets.
So we had great lessons this week.  I don´t have a lot of time but first Alejandra.  We were having a normal lesson and then she told us she had something to tell us next time but tshe didn´t want to say it right then.  We continued and I felt impressed to say something to her.  The first time I felt impressed to say something that specific to anyone.  She started crying and told us that morning she heard a voice say the same words to her.  She said she knows it´s all true and she wants to be baptized now, but she has to quit smoking first.  It was amazing!
Then we found a great new investigator.  The contact from the other sisters I talked about last week.  He wants to feel forgiveness in his life.  His pareja is a less active and feels super guilty for living with him without being married.  Basically, they´re ready to get married, repent and feel peace in their lives.  He wants to be baptized and is looking for another job so he can come to church and meet with us more often.  His name´s jonathan.  
Also, this week we got hit on a lot.  Hermana Ihler´s too pretty for this place.  A man on his bike stopped to talkt o us and said he wants to be baptized so that we´ll start going to his house because we´re pretty.  Uh... well if he comes to church that will be a miracle so until then, we´re safe.
And that was the week.  I´m eating healthier because I´m scared the nurse will tell on me.  But she´s awesome and really doesn´t care.  
Hermana Borup.  Oh!  And I saw pictures from the Narducci baptism this week!  They are so cute!
Pictures: Getting soaked in the rain, the fungus, and our district last transfer

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