Monday, June 16, 2014

After the trials come the blessings

May 26 2014

Dear family and friends,
Well I´m broke.  Looks like I´ll be eating rice for the next week.  Somehow everyone´s out of money in this mission.  But it´s cool.  I like rice especially if you cook it with a little flavor cube.  Reason number 1 that we´re all fat.  Healthy food´s expensive.
Oh and I´m buying tapas for my scriptures from Cordoba for my english scriptures.  I already have some for my spanish.  Let me know if I´m crazy or if it´s a good idea.  
And Weston, I´m sending you a package by way of an Elder going home from Concepción.  I´m sure it will get to you eventually.  
Oh and packages are coming in finally.  I think I´m out of hope, but maybe the one you sent in December will come still.  Probably not.
This week was crazy.  First off, we had to go to Rosario for tramites, but for me and not Hermana Wilde.  So we left right after pday and got home late on tuesday.  it was fun because I got to see some missionaries I haven´t seen for a while like Elder Lopez, from the MTC district, that´s now the financiero and Hermana Jimenez.  But other than that it was insignificant.
We had a really good lesson with our investigator Manuel.  He´s kind of difficult because he tells us that his mom is against the church, but yet she sits in the lessons and reads the folletos and loves us.  So we knew he was lying.  Anyway, so we invite him to be baptized, talk to him mom, he accepts, and then we´re setting a date and out walks him girlfriend from the room.  I´ve never felt the spirit leave so fast.  Seriously, it was opposition standing in front of us.  So then he told us that he had to talk to her before accepting a date.  It was awful!
Then we found a really good girl on thursday and set up an appointment with her for friday afternoon.  We have the lesson on friday at the stake president´s house and everything was really good.  She´s friends with their son and she´s adventist but not active.  She asked a lot of questions and ended well.  And then we went to english class at the church.  At the end, she walks in and gives back the book of mormon and said that she felt horrible because we believe it´s just as important as the bible.  We asked to still have another lesson to explain it better but she said no and left.  Ouch.  That one hurt bad.  We were super confused too.  We think she might of ran into an adventist friend.  The adventists aren´t too friendly about our church.  Basically one said that we believe Brigham Young is the father of God.  What?  No.  Oh well, I´m still praying for her.
So we had a pretty dumb week until Saturday.  We went back to Manuel who accepted a date for august.  We´ll work more to move up the date.  And then we found 5 new investigators!  Two just let us in while contacting and then the other three was a callback from a former day.  We have an appointment with three today.  A family!  So I learned a lot about the work this week.  it was actually a really special week for me.  hard to put all the feelings into an email but just know that this is the Lord´s work and we just have to put our trust in Him.  
Love you all!  
Hermana Borup

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