Monday, June 16, 2014


June 3, 2014

Dear family and friends,
So I´m writing this email first this week so that I actually have time.  So if I don´t respond to anyone, I´m sorry.  I´ll respond next week I promise!  Thank you for all the emails and support!
Mom, don´t worry, the members feed us and we´re definitely not starving.  And I don´t like to use my personal money because there are a lot of missionaries that don´t have personal money and have to deal with the consequences, and I like doing the same.  We´re all learning how to budget!
So this week was kind of hard.  Manuel´s facing opposition again and gets very confused.  This week he tried to say that our bible isn´t the real bible because we don´t have eclesiasticos.  Well there are several books that the reino valera doesn´t include because they´re actually not scripture, but the catholics consider them as scripture.  Eclesiasticos is one of those books.  Good thing I took a new testiment class at BYU or we would have been stumped.  Anyway, we don´t know what to do with him because it seems like now all he wants to do is argue.
We also focused on Sunilda a lot this week.  She had to go to church to make it to her baptism date.  And she went!!!!  Hunched over with her cane and everything but she went!  And she was originally planning on just staying for sacrament meeting but she loved it so much that she stayed for sunday school and then had to go home to meet her daughter.  So there´s some serious progress there and it all came from the members that visited her last week.  Good idea, members going on their own to the investigators!  It works!
Yesterday was cleaning day which destroys my back, but today we´re going to the massage beds so hopefully that helps.  I picked up all the leaves on our patio.  4 huge garbage bags full.  And our patio is small.  2 hours.  I was exhausted and then we still had to clean inside.  But luckily Hermana Wilde did most of the inside work while I was working out back.  I hate cleaning day.
And then we had a lesson with the family we found a couple of weeks ago.  Eva, Leila and Nadia.  They accepted a date for baptism!  July 5!  The only challenge we see in the future is getting them to church because they visit their dad on the weekends and the mom works.  But with prayers I know they´ll make it!
And transfers... I´m training and staying in Santa Fe and Hermana Wilde´s going to esperanza.  Another transfer that I´m with my companion just for 1.  But the change will be fun.  I do think that Hermana Wilde´s been one of my favorite companions so far though.
Way to go Dad on the ride!  I placed 1 book of mormon last week because we didn´t have anymore to give out.  Those things are precious in Argentina.  So you definitely beat me.  But the most important thing you did was with the man from Costa Rica.  Remember the follow up!
Have a great week!
Hermana Borup

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