Monday, June 16, 2014

Welcome Hermana Thornton!

June 9, 2014

Dear Family and friends,
So this week was mainly just transfers.  On wednesday we woke up at 3:45, went to the terminal and then I left to Rosario to pick up my new companion and Hermana Wilde went to Esperanza.  So I get to Rosario and there are only a few elders there ( it was like 7:20 at this point) one of them was very blunt and made fun of me ( like most latinos do) but that´s fine.  Told me that I´ve gained a lot of weight.  Thanks...
My new companion´s Hermana Thornton. She´s from Washington.  So all the trainers went from the terminal to the mission home together and we got to eat in the house.  I got to see some of my favorite missionaries and so that was fun to catch up.  Then the assistant comes in and tells us that there are 3 sisters, one from mexico, one from Korea, and one from Idaho.  Ya I don´t know where the one from Idaho went but I definitely got the American.  
We´ve been working this week.  She´s actually really good at spanish for just starting out.  She really wants to learn fast so she´s practicing like crazy.  It´s been fun.  But she still doesn´t feel very comfortable during lessons so I do most of the talking.  I´m sick of hearing my own voice.  
The big news this week is that Sunilda got a blessing yesterday after she didn´t come to church again.  After the blessing she said that she´s been waiting for revelation to know that this is the right path for her and she felt like she got it!  Awesome!  Her new date is for the 21st so that she can come to church again and I know she´ll make it.  I love her so much!
Eva, Leila and Nadia are doing great but they really can´t come to church on sunday for some things going on, so we might have to pass them to the missionaries in Recreo.  That´s a little sad, we´ll see.
And mom, I got a package.  I don´t know yet if it´s from December or October but an elder got one last week from July, so I´m thinking it´s my birthday one from October!  That´s exciting!
And we´re going to walmart again!  And this week we have a ton of appointments with contacts taht we made.  We´re going to find find find this week and it´s going to be good!
Love you all!
Hermana Borup
Hermana Thornton
Saying goodbye to Hermana Wilde, it was super early.
Making cookies with Hermana Wilde´s second christmas package that came

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