Monday, November 25, 2013

Sister Drama

This week was full of traveling.  On Tuesday we had a conference in Rosario for the hermanas in the mission.  It was the best!  I got to see Hermana Smith, Hermana Jimenez, Hermana Lake, Hermana Miranda, and Hermana Mueller... and everyone else.  But the office elders served us lunch with bow ties and towels and everything.  I loved every minute of it.  But the other hermanas here in Arroyo Seco had some problems so they talked to president afterwards for a long time and Hermana Dean and I got to talk to Hermana Giuliani while we were waiting.  She´s so cool!  She does zumba every day in the mission home and we´re going to go to classes afterwards together. 
Then Wednesday we went to General Lagos and worked there.  Still can´t find Delma, which makes me really sad,  but we did find a few very strong potentials.  We´re going back tomorrow morning.  Then it was off to district meeting and the zone leaders were there.  Apparently the sisters hadn´t worked out all their problems because there was an interesting conversation there.  They think the way that I divided the area is unfair because they have no members on their side.  I did the count of active members, they have way more than us.  So our district leader´s going to look over that.  But it´s kind of been an uncomfortable week because they have problems between them, and they´re looking for any excuse to why their work isn´t going very well.  I can now finally understand why my friends never wanted sisters in their zone.  Sad, but it´s true, they can get scary when they´re mad.  I felt bad for our leaders.
Thursday Hermana Dean and I (the member specifically asked us not to invite the other sisters, again, problems) did a service project in Playa hermosa all morning.  We painted a house!  I´ve been waiting my whole mission to do this and I finally got to do it!  So much fun!
Sunday, the familia Narducci came to church!  Also, Hermana Isabel told us that she´s noticing the difference in her week when she goes to church and when she doesn´t, so she came as well.  And another less active we´re working with.  It was the primary program and it was so cute!  Maximo and Nazarena Narducci participated!  Nazarena even read something!  And then Eve got a blessing after the meeting and it was super special.  The member that gave it to her was visiting from Galvez and he was shocked at her faith.  They are basically members, they just can´t get baptized until they work out a lot of things.  Eventually.  It´s another Estevan from Utah I think.  When the day finally comes that they can be baptized it will be very special.
So that´s us.  Trying to keep working and finding new people.  Everyone we´re working with needs to get married first, so our goal this week is to find a new investigator that can get baptized. 
I´m pretty exhausted these days.  And I could really use some letters or emails.  I´m just trying to keep going! 9 months, it really has gone by fast.  Hopefully I´ll have enough energy for the next 9!
Hermana Borup
With hermana Jimenez in the conference
Painting the house
The primary program


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