Monday, December 2, 2013

Miracles are all around

Dear Family and Friends,
Ahh!!!  This week was pretty great.  I did get a little sick from the heat at the end, but other than that it was wonderful.
Monday we picked up two new investigators that are wonderful, except one is living with her husband without marriage, juntada?  I can't think of the word in english.  Tuesday we picked up another investigator and a member actually went with us to a lesson!  That's amazing in itself!  Members are really hard to get in Arroyo Seco because they don't live in the actually city. 
Wednesday was 9 months in the mission and we had to go to Rosario for a conference for new missionaries.  Ha, Hermana Dean has 9 months now too and she's considered new.  But it was good to hear from President Giuliani all the same and I learned a lot more on what my purpose as a missionary is.  The best part is the questions and answers part at the end.  And then I got my christmas package... but not my birthday one yet.  And the calender's weston's so I hope he can send me mine because I'm going to send him his.  Thanks for the candy mom!  I haven't opened anything else.
That afternoon we went to Pueblo Esther and we had a little bit of time before we were going to meet with a less active family so we went back to a good contact hermana jimenez and I had and the lady just let us in without us saying anything.  Offered us mate, then mate cocido (which we're allowed to drink) and then her daughter joined us for a lesson.  It was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission and she just kept saying she felt peace and we kept testifying that it was the spirit.  They accepted a baptismal date for the 28th!
Thursday the miracles continued and we got another new investigator in playa hermosa.  She's juntada as well though.  And then we met the son of a less active we've been working with.  We had heard about him but he's like 60 and lives way out of the way.  As we were leaving from teaching his dad, here he comes up the road!  We met him and invited him to a family home evening we were having on sat. and he said he would come!
we also celebrated thanksgiving by eating chicken and mashed potatoes with cobler and ice cream as dessert.
Friday was when I started to feel bad because it was also a million degrees and we had to walk everywhere.  But a friendly man gave us a sauce to put on bread and meat.  That was nice. 
Sat I was really bad so all we could do was the family home evening at night.  And Miguel (the son) came! New investigator and he loved it!  We did the spiritual part and the treat and the other sisters did the game.  They did something!  Well Miguel at the end said he would come to church.
Sun we get there 10 minutes early and there is Miguel and his dad sitting in the shade ready to go!  After priesthood one of the members asked me when his baptismal date was and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes!  So... we're going to actually teach him something on tuesday and we have a member to go with us.  So many miracles.
I love being a missionary when things are just handed to you like that!  I feel so blessed!  I love being a missionary always, but I would love a few more fans and air conditioning because I woke up sweating bullets.  Not a good start.
Hermana Borup
Oh I almost forgot.  We had a great encounter with a drunk man in a dark alley on monday and he wants to marry us!  I'm engaged! No but it's funny now, at the time I was scared for my life.  Luckily he didn't accept Hermana Dean's invitation to come to church on sunday.

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