Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

Dear family and friends,
Happy Birthday Mom!!!  I love you!  Best mom in the world!
So this week was probably one of my more interesting weeks of my mission.
It started out with a great night in playa hermosa after emailing on
Monday.  We even got to have a lesson outside with the fireflies.  I've
never seen fireflies before.  It was cool and they were on the long walk to
the parada as well.  But that night there was a scare in the mission.  We
got home and there was a text saying that there was a new temporary rule
that all missionaries had to be home by dark instead of the usual 9:30 or
10:00.  Then the zone leaders called asking for all of our parents emails
in case of an emergency.  But no one told us anything so we didn't sleep
that well.
The next morning I woke up swollen.  Bad.  So I took a benedryl and did the
normal morning routine.  We went to Rosario for the Christmas conference
and I have to be honest, I didn't get much out of the spiritual morning
because of the benedryl. But they told us the reason for the new rule.  All
the robberies going on because the police were on strike.  Dang it.  there
goes all our lessons.
Then we had lunch and it was way fun, but the highlight of the Christmas
conference was getting to see a lot of familiar faces.  I got to see Elder
Lopez who I've been with since the MTC.  So that was fun.  And then every
zone performed something.  Most just sang Christmas songs, but our zone did
a skit.  Because our district is kind of apart from the zone, we did our
own skit.  We have a really funny elder in our zone that kind of made of
skit the best.  President filmed it and then showed it to the north half of
the mission the next day.  It was the only one we showed.  So now we're
famous.  Kind of embarrassing because I did my dancing in the skit.  Ya...
Hermana Jimenez said she couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard.  Good
thing I don't see these people very often.
The rest of the week was kind of rough.  We had so much potential and all
of our appointments fell through.  We worked harder than any other week,
but numbers wise it was our worst week.  Which got me thinking about the
success of a missionary.  It was a hard week, but we were happy.  I feel
like the joy comes when you really are trying your hardest.  It doesn't
matter what people say after that, but I feel accountable to the lord and
no one else.  He knows my heart and knows that I gave it my all this week.
On Friday I had to go to the doctor's.  I know I said no more doctors, but
after 2 weeks of straight diarrhea I felt like it was time to make the call
to Hermana Giuliani who told me to go to the doctor.  the good news is, it
was the best doctor I've seen.  The bad news is he put me on a special diet
that took away all my joy out of eating.  No lactose, only bananas and
apples as far as fruit goes, and limited veggies.  This means no cereal
(I've become a cereal addict on my mission), no ice cream, no cheese, no
yogurt with fruit, no fruit salad, etc.  Really depressing but it's only
for a week.  And I have to do a bunch of studies which are a pain.  But
I've been feeling better.  And I lost 4 kilos in the last couple of weeks.
So I guess that's a plus?  Not very healthy but I'm happy.  I blame it on
the heat.
And that was mainly our week.  Yes, I'm super excited to skype next week.
Oh!  And I'm being transferred.  Kind of expecting it.  Hna Dean's training
so I'm going to be a grandma and I'm going to Pergamino!!!  I'm going to
miss Arroyo Seco a lot, but it's time.  Pergamino also has air conditioning
and Hermana Mueller and her companion share the pench with us!  Kind of
funny because I told everyone that's going to be my next area and it rang
true!  By the way, I'll be finishing my mission in Rafaela in 3 transfers.
My plans are the same as God's plan for me.  Presidente Gutierrez told me
I need to get married 6 months after I get home, I told him 2 years. he
brought out the miracle of forgiveness and the scriptures, but I told him
God has a plan for me and it's 2 years.  Ha, I'll miss him and his wife.
I'm going to miss everyone.  I've learned so much here.  It's been a
growing area with a ton of trials, but I feel like I'm leaving part of my
heart behind.  Hna Dean will do great though.  Pergamino here I come!!!
Hermana Borup

ps pictures are of birthday day.  The Barcelona, messy jersey was given to
me by a family here

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