Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear family and friends,
So last week our pday got passed on to Christmas and we weren´t allowed to write, only talk.  This week our pday got passed on to today.  so that´s why I haven´t been writing if anyone was wondering.
So cool to hear about your San Francisco trip.  You know, you have been there twice now as a family and I have never gone.  I think we should change that when I get home.  Or we can forget about San Francisco and take another trip to Mexico.  I could use a long week in Mexico right about now.
Weston!  That´s super cool to hear you´re going south.  Really south.  Take lots of pictures of penguins for me.
So this week was super long.  Because of the holidays, no one wanted to meet with us, and that includes members.  We walked and tried tracting and either no one was home, or no one wanted to talk to us.  We did have a great contacting experience Friday.  We did some service for a less active that morning and since no one else in our plans were home, we went contacting.  In one street we talked to 3 people with really strong potential.  One was a man named Gustavo who set up an appointment for the next day.  One was a less active named Marcelo, who´s wife is not a member, but they were going out of town until March... they´re already in our plans for March.  And one was a guy that stopped us because he thought we wanted to talk to him.  Ya we do!  He´s an old investigator, but he doesn´t live in our area.  But the next day we went to Gustavo´s and it was probably the most awkward lesson of my life!  We didn´t know if he had a wife, but we knew he had 4 kids and that they were going to be there.  So we get there and there they all are waiting for us with the nanny.  But they wouldn´t talk to us, just stared across the table from us.  The man was standing next to me and the nanny was sitting on the floor.  I can´t really understand why it was so awkward but afterwards Hna Garbin helped understand.  She has never taught a man before!  Or kids!  And she didn´t know how to handle it.  Her comments were out of no where on whatever subject.  So it was all just a mess but we´re going to go back more prepared next time.  Also, I think she was shaking.
Highlights of the week, I made my first asado.  Yes, I also made banana bread without a recipe.  And it was dang good.  All that watching Hermana Smith cook paid off!  But the asado came because on Saturdays we cook for an old less active lady.  She wanted asado instead of milanesas and neither of us knew how to cook it.  So I just sort of guessed and it was delicious.  Quite the cook these days.
Yes, my companion´s interesting.  She´s from Peru and she´s great.  Super funny.  She´s been here for 3 months, it´s her first area, and she didn´t even know where the church was or what the bishop´s name was.  You can tell she´s a new missionary because she kind of likes to talk a lot  in the lessons and throw scriptures at the investigator.  But she´s a lot better than I was that´s for sure.  With a lot more practices in studies, she´s going to be an awesome missionary.  
Well that´s all.  Last night we didn´t do anything special but the fireworks did wake me up.  Also our blind investigator stopped us in the street the other day and told us that revelation doesn´t exist and that we´re teaching false doctrine.  I think she may have gotten that from her Jehova witness niece.  Oh well.  There are prepared people in Centro, I know it.
Happy New Year!
Hermana Borup

P.S. Still haven´t done the blood testing yet.  Lots of dumb complications.  Everything´s closed until after Reyes.

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