Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tour Guide of Arroyo Seco

Hello family and friends!
Oh boy what a week.  Awesome though.  So after I finished writing last week we found out that Hermana Smith was being transferred.  Complete surprise.  So we spent the rest of tuesday saying goodbye to members and less actives.  She was crying all day and the next day on our way to Rosario.  It was sad to see her go but the people of Rafaela need her.  But I miss her. 
The hives continued all tuesday night and I didn´t sleep at all.  But wednesday they went away and they haven´t come back.  Overdosing on benedryl can be a good thing afterall. 
My new companion´s name is Hermana Jiménez and she´s from Santiago, Chile.  She´s awesome.  She served in Santa Fe for 6 months and this is her second area.  It´s weird that I have more time in the mission than my companion, but she´s a better missionary than I am so Arroyo Seco´s in good hands.  All wednesday we were waiting for the other two sisters to come but we had a dinner appointment, so we went.  We got home a little late ( I felt really bad) and there were the office elders and the new sisters waiting outside the apartment.  They had been waiting for quite some time.  They´re names are Hermanas Ospinal (Peru, newbie) and Mueller (washington).  They are both rather shy and so the apartment hasn´t been quite as fun as I was hoping but we´re getting there.  Hermana Ospinal still has her pre-mission expectations of what the mission would be like and so she´s had a rough week, but things will get better.
Thurday morning I gave them all the tour of Arroyo Seco and then we worked.  Hermana Jiménez can contact like I´ve never seen anyone contact.  This week we have 6 new investigators with a lot of strong possibilities.  I´m so excited about it all.  We also had a lesson with Marta (her husband was the one that delivered water to the sisters 4 years ago) and she accepted a date.  It´s kind of tentative for the moment, but I was so excited.  I love her so much and it was the first time I´ve ever cried during a lesson.  I couldn´t hold back my love for her, weird.  I guess I really do have a heart mom.  So ya, successful week.  Arroyo Seco´s going to be a ward soon!  I just know it.
So about my health... ha.  Yesterday I woke up sick, AGAIN.  We went to church and I lasted until the last 5 minutes of sacrament meeting (sacrament meeting is last) and then shooting pains up my back.  I was in so much pain that I couldn´t hold back the tears.  So we left early and went to the bathroom.  Probably the most embarrassing moment of my life.  I got a blessing afterwards that said I need to get medical help.  But one thing´s for sure, those weren´t muscle pains.  It´s not from all the walking and everything else the mission brings.  So one more thing to add to the list of health problems.  Tomorrow I´m getting blood work done, so we´ll see if anything´s wrong there.  But I´m just so sick of being sick.  But when I´m at my lowest points I always think of Ether 12:27.  Maybe I won´t ever be healed completely, but for some reason I´m having all these health problems and I need to learn from this trial.  Who knows, maybe it will help me relate to someone that needs me and then this weakness will be made into a strength.  I´ll keep you updated.
And this week I also turned 7 months in the mission!  Wahoo!!!  It´s the longest I´ve been away from Weston and Mom and Dad.  Crazy how fast the time flies.  Hermana Mueller finishes 9 month in 2 weeks and we have to do something extra special for that.
Until next week.  I love you all!!!  Please write me!  Oh and my package finally got here!  I´ll get it on friday!
Hermana Borup

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