Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
Wow what a week.  I don't even know where to start.  But you're getting pictures this week so I probably won't write very much.  So everything was pretty much normal until wednesday.  Wed morning we went and had a lesson with the mom of the family we're working with (la familia Narducci) and she informed us that Franko (the dad) is legally married.  As in, any minute they can get married and that they have those plans!  Wahoo!!!  And that night the daughter (Nazarena) went to mutual and loved it.  So ya, wednesday was a great day.
We were planning a halloween party for the 31st in one of the towns we work in, but we had to change it this week because an evangelical church started passing out fliars saying halloween was satanic.  So to avoid any possible negative feelings towards the church, we changed the activity to the 16th of november.  We're still going to have the kids dress up and everything, we're just not going to call it halloween.  Anyway, so we were passing out the new invitations to the people in the town and it sounds like the activity is going to be a huge success.  They told us that they were already getting their costumes ready.  So... I think we're going to find new families to teach there.
Thursday afternoon, we were sitting inside just about to start weekly planning when it started pouring.  It was weird because it was super hot all week and then it just poured for an hour.  We went outside and played in it.  The water was up to my knees!  It was a lake.  And there was a frog!  And it was the funnest rain storm i've been in.  Until it came time to go out and we couldnt because we couldn't walk anywhere.  But our apartment did not flood!
Weirdest part of the storm was that we had electricity throughout but the lights went out the next day.  All day.  We were trying to have a lesson with Hna Isabel (the less active I love that I talked about my first week in Arroyo Seco) and she was super frustrated about the light, so we got a candle and ate pizza and read the scriptures by candlelight.
So saturday we went out tracting and usually we take turns speaking.  I did the first house so it was Hna Jimenez's turn.  We get to the house and we hear a boy's voice singing and playing the guitar.  She rings the doorbell and the voice stops.  We knew what was going to be on the other side of that door so we started fighting over who had to talk.  In the end I spoke first.  Out came a very attractive boy.  Awkward. Turns out he plays the guitar and sings for an evangelical church.  We had a really powerful lesson with him and his mom in the end, but it was pretty funny.
That night we had a lesson with the familia Narducci.  It came time to have the closing prayer and we reminded Nazarena that she promised to say it.  She was embarrassed and hesitating when her little brother Maximo said (8 years old), "le prometio señorita."  But the way he said it we just bursted out laughing.
Yesterday was mothers day in Argentina and they came to church!  Sacrament meeting was soooo boring so I hope they come back.  They were all yawning and wanted to leave... it's in the lord's hands now.  Also, we had quite the feast at Hermana Isabel's for her daughter's birthday and then we went to say hello to our mom of Arroyo Seco (Hna Silvia).  She told us the best news yet... both her and her husband want to come back to church and he wants to have the priesthood!!!  We screamed.  It was exciting!
Love you all!  Have a great week!
Hermana Borup
PS. Dad, tell the joke.  Mom, his name was Craig Van Wagonen.  Jump on that family.  They moved into the ward for a reason.
Pictures in Playa Hermosa, where we're having the activity

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