Monday, October 14, 2013


ear family and friends,
So this week has been great.  It started off the same and I was really tired and kind of depressed, but a few things changed that and now I´m better than ever.
First off, we had zone meeting this week in Rosario.  We got to watch the priesthood session of conference which was pretty cool and a little weird for me.  I´ve only ever read the talks and never seen it.  But I loved it.  After the meeting I finally got my package!!!  Ya, the beef jerky lasted about a day.  And the sad part is that I didn´t share that.  Shared everything else, but I was selfish with the jerky.  Also, the zone leaders asked me what was going on because I went to the doctor (a waste of time) the night before.  They offered to give me money for all the expenses (not really their money but the money they have for emergencies) but still, it was nice to have them know what´s all happening and why I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of the meeting.  I promise, I wouldn´t if I didn´t need to!
Wednesday something awful happened, I couldn´t breathe without pain, but what´s one more thing?  And it only lasted 3 days and I´m fine now.
Thursday we had interviews and I woke up with energy.  I was just so excited.  I got to talk to President Giuliani and it was just amazing.  He gave me a blessing and I know I´m going to be ok.  I decided that I´m not going to another doctor.  I´m done with that.  I´ll just do a bunch of tests when I get home, but I don´t want to waste anymore time or the church´s money.  One thing the blessing said was that I have to look for the blessings from everything I´m experiencing.  I realized that I´ve been praying for charity since the start of my mission.  And now I´m starting to feel a compassion for people that I´ve never felt before.  Not exactly the way I wanted to grow in that Christlike attribute, but the Lord knows what I needed to grow.
So big news, we´re teaching a family.  Hermana Smith and I contacted this family but it never worked out before.  The dad´s a member and his parents are active in Florida, but he has drinking and smoking problems.  Hermana Jimenez and I contacted the family again one day with a member and the mom told us that we must have fallen from the sky.  She´s really excited to learn more and she´s been reading the book of mormon with the kids.  Monday she called us to set up an appointment.  Let me repeat, SHE called US.  It´s amazing!  We had a family home evening with the whole family and they are really progressing.  They can´t get baptized because he has to get divorced and then they have to get married, but the kids will probably be baptized first.  Every time we go though, we´re just so excited about the work when we leave.  Definitely a huge blessing to find them.

Now for your questions:
How has the weather been?  Are your clothes still OK?  Are your shoes holding up?
Weather, awful.  Hot and humid and rainy.  My clothes are great, a little small now, but great.  and my shoes are still great.  I´ll probably start using the other black ones when I hit 9 or 10 months

How is your ward/branch?  Have you given talks in Sacrament meetings?
Our branch is fantastic.  I love the members!  They feed us a lot!  And no, we haven´t given talks but we teach institute and mission prep every week.

What do you do on Pday? Do you still get together with your zone to play sports? 
On p day we go to Galvez almost every week and hang out as a district.  We play volleyball, uno, and cook.  This week we made tacos and guacamole!  Soooo good.  And we always eat at grido´s!  Ice cream!!!  Yum.

Are you having problems with fleas?  Can you buy flea collars there or should I send some in your next package?
No problems with fleas yet but lots of cockroaches.  We just find them dead everywhere.  And huge spiders.  I pray every night that they won´t climb on me in the middle of the night.  I´m also getting eaten alive with mosquitoes.

I'm sending one more package for your birthday that you will probably get after Christmas.  Do you want anything else that you haven't asked for yet?  Do you want any drink mixes?
Music.  Not motab.  And candy.  Anything gummy or hard candies as well

Did you ever get the package I sent in July?
Yep!  I got it this last week.  Thank you so much!  It was opened though, so I would send the next one in a box.
Well that´s all for this week.  Love you all!
Hermana Borup

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