Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some pictures finally

Hola Familia y amigos!
This week was kind of interesting.  A lot of appointments fell through and no one wanted to open their doors and let us in.  But we saw miracles and I loved this week despite the struggles.
First off, last monday we had 2 family home evenings and both were excellent.  We also had 11 contacts that day.  So I started off thinking, this week is going to be full.  Fantastic!
Then tuesday was a little harder.  We had district meeting and I haven´t laughed that hard in a long time.  No one in our district can sing.  But I mean we´re all terrible.  Plus, latinos like to sing slow.  Really slow.  I couldn´t stop laughing and then one of the ZL´s joined in and pretty soon no one was singing.  I told them that next time I would lead the music.  Horrible.  But that night we had a lesson with a less active family.  The dad is a musician with really long hair and a cross earring.  He would be very good friends with Brother Dowdle.  They need to be introduced.
So this week I was supposed to go to Funes for exchanges with the asistentas.  On thursday Hermana Lake left, we went to the bus station to be with Hermana Miranda.  Then we went to the bus station to pick up Hermana Aragon (one of the asistentas).  Then that night, two sisters from Santa Elena had to spend the night with us because they were going to Rosario the next day.  Back to the bus station we went.
Friday the asistenta got sick so we had to go to the other sisters apartment and did mini exchanges.  She then took my ticket to Funes and went back, so we went back to the bus station.  Then we had to pick up Hermana Lake a couple of hours later.  My goodness!  And then we had to go one more time to the bus station to look at trips to La Paz because we´re going there this weekend so Hermana  Gomez doesn´t have to vote (I´ll explain more next week).  We´re calling ourselves the secretaries to the asistentas.  Lots of time at the bus station, but we got in some excellent contacts there.
Sunday was sort of interesting.  A less active gave his testimony and started saying that everyone needed to get up and confess their sins and if they didn´t, he would confess their sins for them.  Ya. I was trying not to laugh.  the bishop got up to make him stop.  Then we ended with a hymn. One of the member´s played and it was like I was in Spain all over again.  I´m pretty sure that hymn doesn´t have all those extra notes.  Oh well.  But the familia Arraigada came!  I was so happy.  It was their first time in 4 years coming.  The dad has an interview with the bishop this friday and Santiago has a baptismal date for the 31st.  I love being a missionary and seeing things like that.
This week we´re planning service projects.  Back in utah, we did a lot of service, and here not so much.  So I want to get back into that and include the recent converts.  Right now their getting all the service, so we´re trying to help them serve others as well.  I´m pretty excited and I know we´re going to see miracles from this.  Seriously, service just makes everyone happy!
Next week my p-day will be tuesday because we have transfers.  It´s great to hear everyone´s doing well!  I love you all!

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