Monday, August 26, 2013


Dear family and friends,
Every area there seems to be something that I just cant resist.  In arroyo
seco it´s grido ice cream.  Holy cow and it´s only 10 pesos for two scoops
and chocolate and nuts on the cone!  Ya, i´m a little fatty.  Actually, a
family here calls me little monster, "monstruito"  because I wont tell them
my first name.  I´m either that or "sin nombre".
So this week was a lot better.  We are teaching lots and lovig the work.
Guess who got sick this week... an elder in my district, who then got me
sick.  ya, we´re a close district, but I told him I didn´t want to share
his germs.  I was ticked.  It´s a combination of what I had in Utah, with
what I had two weeks ago and added a bad cough.  So I didn{t work at all on
friday.  Despite that set back, we were still able to do way more than our
first week.  We have an investigator named Paulino on date for the 6th and
he´s quitting smoking.
So I´m still not all there health wise so i´ll just write a few funny
experiences this week:
We have to teach institute every week and this week was our first week
doing it.  It went awful.  The 18 year olds just love to goof off and twist
our words because we can´t speak perfectly.  Ok so that wasn´t funny but it
was somthing that happened this week.
We saw two guys graffiting with a huge spot light.  Aren´t they supposed to
hide it?
There was a race going on sunday and so the finish line just happened to be
right outside our churh building.  There were drums playing the whole time
we were in sacrament meeting and when we ended, so did they.  Bad luck eh?
Hermana Smith´s family is in the circus.  Her dad does the cannon and her
siblings to juggling, trapeze, and her brother in law won america´s got
talent for a dog act?  Pretty cool.  I was pretty disappointed when she
told me that she doesn´t do anything with it.  But her dad´s in Sweden
right now.  He travels everywhere.
Because we´re so new to Argentina, we get random calls from the zone
leaders to check up on us.  Last night they asked us how our studies are
going.  What kind of a question is that?  Ok I have no time now.  Until
next week!  So exciting about Weston!
Hermana Borup
The picture´s from my trip to La paz.  Since I´m never at the baptisms, I
don´t have pictures of my investigators! The other one is my wall in
Paraná!  First and last american for this year in that apartment!

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