Tuesday, August 20, 2013

 It feels like a white wash
Dear Family and Friends,
This week was an eternity.  Very stressful, but also a great adventure.  I definitely think this will be the period of the most growing for me on my mission. 

Tuesday I bought my first object for mate, the bag.  It´s awesome and it has patches of cow hair.  I bought it in Paraná because it´s the most expensive part of the set and Paraná is the cheapest place in the mission to buy suiveneirs.  But now I have to carry it around with me... oh well.  When we got back to our apartment, there were testigos de Jehova waiting for us!  We were super excited until we saw that they were kids of like 10 years.  We couldn´t really talk to them, but we accepted their pamphlet. 

Wednesday I left in the morning and got to the bus station in Rosario by myself.  I was lost, looking for other missionaries for about 15 minutes with all my stuff.  But I found them and Hermana Smith was there!  We got to know each other a bit.  She´s from Missouri, but now her family lives in Logan.  She came to Argentina with me and her spanish isn´t that bad, we definitely can get around, as long as we don´t have to use the phone.  And then the assistants came, took us to Arroyo Seco and dropped us off.  Seriously, they dumped us there.  Our apartment is a house.  It´s huge!  It´s one of the nicest for sisters in the mission.  So that´s fun. 
The work´s really slow and I was super sad that I couldn´t see the baptisms in Paraná.  Hermana Smith knows the area sort of well, but we´ve been doing a lot of contacting.  So this week we want to work more with members, especially the youth.

The branch here is great.  They feed us almost every day, and they are so willing to come out with us.  We teach piano and mission prep every week and now we´re starting institute.

Thanks for the updates from everyone.  Happy very late birthday scott, I remembered forever ago, but I kept forgetting to write it.  And happy engagement Alyssa!!!!  So exciting!

So today we went to Galvez, which is a little town about 30 minutes from Arroyo Seco.  The rest of our district´s here.  We played soccer and volleyball with the elders and uno as well.  It´s been fun to see other missionaries.  We just had to get out of Arroyo Seco for a bit, but I know this new week we´re going to see miracles from our hard work.  I´m super excited.  I´ve seriously never have met nicer people.  Everyone assumes we can´t speak very well at church, so they talk really slow.  It´s funny.  But so far it hasn´t been that hard to contact, we understand most everything and I feel like I can say most everything I need to say. 

Thanks for all your support!  Sorry I couldn´t respond to everyone this week, it was a little rushed. 
Quick story, last night we went to bout 5 homes and no one was home, so we went to one more before we went home.  The lady said she was about to go to a dinner with her in-laws, but I said that we just wanted to share a short message.  She´s a recent convert and let us in.  We were only there for about 10 or 15 minutes and it was the most powerful lesson I´ve had in a while.  At the end she asked us to pray for her that she can come back to church.  Something really simple that we see all the time, but after the week we had of almost no lessons, it was amazing.  I know I´m here for a reason and I know the Lord wants us to succeed here, so we´re going to keep working and laughing.
Love you all,
Hermana Borup

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