Monday, September 2, 2013

6 months!

Dear Family and Friends,
So this keyboard struggles and i may have errors everywhere.  Please forgive me.  I do know how to spell... sort of.
So I feel like my emails home haven´t been as spiritual lately.  Believe me, I´ve had lots of spiritual experiences, but sometimes I think it´s best to keep it to myself for now.  Some have been life changing.  But one little one from this week I do want to share.  Remember that little lesson we had a few weeks ago with a less active? haha maybe not.  Well i was a really powerful lesson and we´ve gone back a few times since then.  Saturday we took a member and i was the best member present lesson i´ve ever had.  It took work to get her there, and the tv and music was going on the whole time, but the spirit was so strong.  Her name´s Isabel and she´s super shy and I think that´s why she stopped coming to church.  We went by her house on Sunday morning to take her, but she was already at church!  alone with 3 other less actives that we´ve been working with.  It was a strong testimony to me that people need to feel love from the missionaries, from our Father in Heaven, but from the members as well to progress.  Please be the members that every missionary wants in your wards.
I´ve also been thinking a lot about the difference between a missionary that plants and one that harvests.  I´ve been called a planter so many times that if i hear it again i might cry.  No missionary wants that.  They want to harvest and see the baptisms and the progress.  But I don´t think any missionary is one thing.  This week we met two new investigators that are golden.  it´s their time right now.  4 years ago, the man delivered water to the sisters in arroyo seco.  One of the sisters gave him a book of mormon and a card when she left.  Fast forward to now and we talked to his wife who remembered the book.  The next time we came over she had found the book and had started reading it without us even inviting her to do so.  We went over again last night and had an amazing lesson on the Restoration.  But it just came up.  we were on our way to another place, and they were sitting outside with friends drinking mate.  We stopped, sat down and started talking to them like friends.  Then their friend asked us what we believed in and bam, the spirit was there.  I´m so grateful for that sister missionary that planted 4 years ago.  We never know when it´s someone´s time, but it´s our job to keep inviting. 

So this week was the week of creepers.  One lives right by the church and yesterday he stopped us and asked us why we couldn´t stay in Argentina with him forever... ew.  Then today we had another one while we were waiting for the elders who asked to take a picture of us and asked hermana smith all kindsof questions about her eyes.  Gross.  We just keep ignoring them the best we can.
This week we had to go to rosario for capacitación especial.  yes, we are 6 months into the mission and still training!  yes!  But it was actually really good and i learned a lot from president Guiliani.  I love that man.
Got to go!  I love you all!  good luck at school BYU students!
Hermana Borup
Hermana Smith cooking pizza with a less active

all the sisters at the special training.

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