Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Like Father Like Daughter

Dear family and friends,
This week I started a diet with my companion.  I´m too much like dad sometimes.  But let me explain, I´ve been having really bad back pains, and I think it´s because I´ve gained so much weight.  So I´m losing for a health thing and also to feel better about myself.  But it´s gonna be great.  It basically just means no facturas and no dinners, just lunches with members and something small for breakfast.
Paulino was baptized yesterday!  It´s amazing to me how many things can go wrong for a baptism.  The day before we went to the church to do the program and as we were turning on the computer, the power went out (a regular occurance in Arroyo Seco).  Then we got to church early to organize things well, but our ward mission leader was late and the font was filled with cold water because of it.  Also, we lost our keys to our apartment and to the church and Presidente Guttierez (Dad´s a little bit of a stalker, another thing I learned from him) announced it in sacrament meeting.  So after church we were running around trying to finish getting everything ready, but we also had a croud of members around us asking us where our keys could be.  It was very hectic.  But the baptism started and it all went away.  Paulino had to quit smoking and drinking, so it´s been a long road for him, but he was so prepared.  I love him!
This week we were also yelled at by a crazy man.  He was fat, didn´t have a shirt on and started yelling at us while we were tracting.  He started to kick the wall and punch it, so we decided it was time to leave.  We have no idea what he was trying to tell us.
In district meeting this week I had to give a little training.  It was on courage.  Ya, I have no idea how our district leader chose that one, but I think it went alright.  I just talked about how fear is the opposite of courage and also faith, so when we have a lot of faith, we have a lot of courage.  Or something like that.
On saturday there was the caminata de la virgen de San Nicolas.  So there was a parade of people that woke up early to walk with the "virgen" from Rosario to San Nicolas.  They passed through Arroyo Seco and it just so happened we were walking that way already, so we walked with them a bit.  We got to see a very happy priest in all his robes, drinking mate, and dancing to the christian spanish rock music so it was all worth it.
So we also had zone meeting this week in Rosario and I have to say, I think Argentina´s a step behind.  We were trained on the exact same things as in Utah 3 months ago.  Also, we´re changing key indicators and how we do them here, which is a big deal.  It´s gonna be like how we did things in Utah and I´m super excited for it!
Mom, if you want to send a birthday or christmas package, it probably needs to be sent before october.  In november the mail system crashes and there´s a delay of about 4 months after that.  I don´t really need anything except a spray bottle with a fan (the one that can go around your neck).  It´s so hot and it´s only going to get worse.  And a jump drive would be nice (they´re super expensive here).
Hermana Borup
Pictures next week!

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