Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Party and the after party

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a blast!  Thanks so much for the recipes and the stories that you sent last week.  This saturday we had our family history activity and it went really well.  It was super stressful at first because members from other wards started showing up on time, but no one from our ward.  And it was the members from our ward that brought the food.  The bishop didn´t even show up until 5:40 and it started at 5.  We ended up starting the presentation on family history work at 6:10 and then every family presented a recipe their grandparents had taught them.  Everyone loved my peach cobbler.  It turned out really well and I think everyone had fun and learned a little more about family history work.  My one complaint is that we had to do everything, we as in the missionaries: planning, advertising, organizing, setting up, taking down. And then yesterday everyone kept asking us when the next activity would be.  Oh boy.  I´m tired.  But to celebrate today we did something special.  We went to this place that has massage beds.  It was us and the old people.  It´s completely free and it was a blast.  We first had to do aerobics, naturally, to warm up our bodies.  I was dying.  Old Argentines doing aerobics was a sight to see.  And then we layed on these beds for an hour and had a massage.  But they were also hot, so it completely relaxed me.  The best after party I´ve ever been to!
I met a new family this week.  They were offended (like everyone) and it´s been 4 years since they were active.  The boy´s 11 and wants to be baptized so he´s planned for the 31st.  He came along with his mom to the activity and it was their first time coming to the church in 4 years.  Next step, sundays.
Our recent converts had a hard week this week.  One is having problems with his grandson who is a drug addict living with him.  One is having family problems.  Two can´t come because their mom is sick.  One got in a fight with his girlfriend and said he´s never coming back to church.  And one got offended by something one of the elders told her this week.  So we have some work to do there...
Fun things:  The butcher cut our meat last week with his bare hands and then didn´t even wash them!  Sick.
"Turn around"  or that song that Karli and I did a music video to was playing on the radio in one of the stores and I laughed pretty hard.
Walmart is located in a very dangerous part of town so it requires it´s own guards.  I found donuts at walmart and found out the elders go there every day.  Lucky ducks.
I was the only american at our district meeting on tuesday.  It was sort of an adventure because one of the elders can´t use half of his face and so he´s super hard to understand.  I managed though.  The zone leaders are the other americans in my district and they were in Rosario for visa papers.
I found out that a lot of sisters are coming this next transfer and it´s likely that I´ll be put with one of them.  Hopefully she speaks spanish really well because I´m still not fluent!
That was my week.  I have one question for mom, how much flour does the bread recipe call for?
I love you all!  I´m praying that mom can get better soon.  And Weston sounds amazing.  I´m super proud of that boy.  He´s going to be an amazing missionary!  And my computer is again broken... sorry.  Next week I´ll send pictures.
Hermana Borup

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