Monday, July 15, 2013

Paraná, the City of Humidity‏

Dear Family and Friends,
I´ve had the craziest week ever!  But I´m starting to really love Argentina.  People are relaxed and I´ve learned to just go with it.  Instead of talking about what I did every day this week I just want to talk about some of the things I´ve learned this week about Argentina.  Hopefully this will help you understand the country better, or just what I´m up to every day.
1. I learned that wild oranges are no good and have worms in them.  In our ward there are 4 sisters.  the other sisters are Hermanas Miranda (Chile) and Lake (Washington).  Well Hermanas Miranda and Gomez tricked the Americans last monday into eating oranges from the trees on the street.  Sick!  Super sour and gross.
2. Take Hermana Lake everywhere, you´ll get free stuff.  She´s tall and has really long blonde hair so everyone falls in love with her.  We get samples everywhere we go!
3. When it rains, it really does flood.  Holy cow I´m glad I brought rain boots.  The streets don´t have good irrigation so the water gets up to mid calf in a matter of minutes!
4. Don´t stalk people´s blogs before your mission, because they may turn out to be in your zone and be the Elder to give you a blessing.  Thanks dad.  That Elder that you found his blog?  Yep, he´s in the Paraná zone! 
5. Don´t go to the hospital.  Because it´s free, your spanish companions may want to go when they see the excima on your hands.  Because of the humidity here, my hands got really bad so I ended up going to a dermatologist because I also have an infection of some kind in my´s fixed now.
6. You can make your own soda with water with gas.  It´s gross.  They mixed juice with that water and call it soda.
7. Sprinter vans are everywhere here.  Dad, when you decide to buy a small one for mom, buy it here.  Almost all the cars are sprinter vans!
8. Baptisms here start late and no one cares.  It´s the ordinance that counts.  There was a baptism of an 8 year old on saturday that we had to decorate for and put together.  It started an hour late and there were tons of kids running around the whole time, but it was still great.
9. There´s a lot of scooters here and they just drive on the sidewalks.  
10. Mosquitos like me.  I fear for the summer.
11. You clap outside houses when tracting.  It´s not good manners to go up to their door and knock.
12.  Even in a foreign country people think I look like their relatives... mostly granddaughters.  I´m also back to being called blonde.  I don´t understand it.
13. Mate is disgusting.  It´s worse than herbal tea!  My companion´s from Buenos Aires and she drinks it all day long!  And no, she´s not a convert and she has 8 siblings that have all served missions.  Her little sister is serving in Peru right now.
14.  My singing voice isn´t as bad as I thought.  At least I can sing the tune!
So to answer your questions about the ward, it´s small.  There´s only about 50 people that come every week.  And they don´t feed the missionaries for some reason.  We´ve only had one lunch appointment and the bishop fed us one dinner.  But that´s only Paraná, in other places the missionaries get fed.  Paraná is super humid and hilly.  It´s right by a river and it´s actually not very cold right now even though we´re in the middle of winter.  I hardly use my wool coat.  
We have 3 investigators right now and a lot of recent converts we´re working with.  Our zone doesn´t baptize a lot, but that´s changing.  People don´t really like to let us in because we´re strangers, so we do a lot of mini lessons on the streets.  Also, they won´t open their doors, they just stick their heads out the windows.  It´s super fun.  Mainly, I smile a lot and their nice.  if you don´t smile, they´re not.
That´s all I have time for now.  I have to talk to the financial secretary to get some money back from the doctor and medicine.  Tell mom that I´m praying for her and I feel super bad.  I love you all!  Don´t forget that dearelder is free!
Weston, read D&C 75:2-5.
Hermana Borup

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