Monday, July 22, 2013

Interviews and Tears

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you so much for the recipes, the stories, and pictures.  That will help a lot and I was laughing pretty hard when I read the story of the chickens.
This week has been fantastic.  I´m starting to immerse myself more and more in the culture and I´m starting to love Argentina.  For the most part, I think Argentina´s starting to love me too.  I only had 1 medical issure this week! Well... two.  One was an allergic reaction to honey.  My lips, tongue, and throat swelled and itched so I took a benedryl.  I may have fallen asleep while waiting at the bus station for a sister to come through (she was on her way to Rosario for exchanges and stopped in Paraná for a couple of hours both Friday and Saturday).  The other came on Saturday because I think we walked 20 miles (if my calculations are correct).  But it was all day.  8 hours of straight walking because no one was home.  So by the end my knees were killing along with my back and hips.  I feel like an old lady!  Good news, I think I´ve already lost 5 lbs.  I´ll gain it back if my comp keeps making fried bread with dulce de leche, but it´s still exciting.
So we had interviews with President on wednesday and I got to talk to Hermana Giuliani before.  She´s amazing!  I really like her and I love president too.  They make me feel so loved which was nice to feel.  The interview was in spanish, but so was the last one, so that wasn´t a big deal.  This was my 5th interview with a mission president, 6th since being on my mission.  And I´ve only been out 5 months... not even.  I´ve had a very different mission so far than the normal, but what is normal in the life of a missionary?
Some cool things that I saw or did this week:
We walked down to the river to find an investigator and it was beautiful!  We walked on dirt roads, it was sunny and warm, and there was music playing and large fish hanging everywhere.  I was looking around for the photographer for the ensign, because it was a sight to see and we were in the middle of it!
This week I also saw mario and luigi driving a truck.  Seriously, it was great.
Also, the garbage here is different.  It´s in little baskets that are high above the ground so that the dogs can´t get to them.
Our investigators are struggling.  We have one that´s a little bit of an alcoholic.  He thought it was a little to drink a whole box of wine before bed every night.  So he never can wake up on sunday.  We might have to drop him.  He also lives in the very dangerous part of town.  Another one is the son of the second counselor and he can´t be baptized because his mom is in Buenos Aires waiting for surgery.  
So on to the tears... I think every house we went in, we found people crying.  We started to teach an ex-communicated man who used to be a patriarch.  He cried.  We went to teach a former investigator, she cried.  Everyone´s crying and I´m still not a very emotional person no matter how hard I try to be.  I think the lord´s trying to teach me something!
All for now!  Congrats to Weston for making it a week!  I love you!
Hermana Borup
P.s. Can you manage my bank account and facebook.  if yes, I´ll give you the password next week.  And if you want to send a package, include apple cider please!  And pictures are coming but this computer is a little broken.  Sorry!

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