Monday, July 8, 2013

Argentina tiene Morcilla!

Dear family and friends,
Well I´m finally here!  It´s been overwhelming and we have even less time here to email so I´ll have to be quick. 
Monday we went from Atlanta straight to Buenos Aires.  We got there Tuesday morning and then got on a bus after 2 hours of standing around to Rosario.  That bus ride took 5 hours and so we didn´t get to the mission home until late afternoon.  We ate there and had interviews and slept there that night.  The next morning we had a training and then met our companions.  My companion´s name is Hermana Gomez.  I don´t know how old she is and I don´t really want to ask but I´m gonna guess she´s in her late 30´s.  She´s really nice though and we´ve been working well together.  She understands that I¨ve already been trained, so she goes easy with the things that she has to train me on.  Then we ate lunch, took pictures and left at 6:30 for Paraná.  Oh my goodness I love Paraná!  We got here at 10 that night and the zone leaders helped us bring up our bags and then we slept.
Thursday we walked a ton.  I met some investigators and recent converts.  One of the houses was so small that there were two beds and a fridge and that was all it had room for.  The other house had a cockroach sitting on the table, which distracted me so I didn´t really pay attention to anything else.  Really, we walk a ton in this mission.  I´ve never walked so much in my life and I´m a hiker!  I also lived in Spain with Pachi!  It´s incredible.  Sometimes we have to walk an hour to get to a house and then an hour back.  So basically, we do less missionary work than I´m used to, but we also get to talk to more people. 
Friday we tracted a bunch and that was basically the same as Saturday.
Sunday I met the ward and it´s super cute.  There´s four sisters serving in this ward, but the other sisters don´t live with us.  After church we went to their apartment and ate together.  It was so much fun that now we´re going to make it a tradition every Sunday.  I need recipes for brownies, scones, and anything else you think I´d need!  Thanks!
Differences:  We don´t see any other missionaries around!  It´s almost like our leaders don´t exist.  Also, traffic here is crazy.  There are a ton of scooters and I even saw a couple of wagons driving around.  Argentina is a little bit of everything.  It´s a lot poorer and dirtier than I was expecting, but it´s been good.  We wash clothes in a bucket and then pray that they will dry.  It´s super humid in Paraná and hilly.  Our apartment has hot water, but that´s about all it has.  It´s nice though, I just wish it had heat!  I´m freezing half the time and sometimes I do my studies in bed so that I can think.  As for the food, we don´t really eat with members so I´ve just been eating whatever, nothing new yet.  But my companion told me that Argentina has morcilla!  I´m super excited.  All the food looks like Spain!
So that´s me.  It´s been a little bit of a struggle adapting and I miss Utah like crazy and all the missionaries there, but I´m loving it.  It can only get better.
I love you all!  And I´m so sad I missed the 4th this year!
Hermana Borup

P. S. If you want to send me a package I would really love more peanut butter, anti itch cream and some face medicine.  Thanks!  But send it and put the value at less than 25 dollars or Í´ll have to pay to pick it up.

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